Truth or Consequences, New Mexico may be calling healers…

Recognize that you are the truth.

Recognize that you are the truth.

Something is going on and it drives me batty when I can’t get a clear picture of what the plan is!  I blogged months ago about my friend being called to New Mexico years ago (common with this place) and having this vision of a place where she is supposed to open a healing center.  During the vision she literally heard something like “People are brought here to heal”.  She’s found some locations that are almost right, but nothing as felt 100% “it”.

I had to laugh when I sold my house in October and ended up in a 4plex here in Albuquerque where the neighbor I share a wall with is totally into my metaphysical stuff, has a son in Taos (my magical place) who is a healer, etc., and clearly was meant to be someone I met.  There truly are no accidents.  Since I’ve lived here (not yet 4 months) I’ve had this feeling there is more to our meeting that hasn’t shown up yet.  Well, today it showed up…I think.  I have this strong feeling I am supposed to introduce her to my other friend who is being called to open a healing center and feels it might be south of Albuquerque a bit.  I’ve already emailed both of them to introduce them.

My neighbor is in the process of buying a cute little house in Truth or Consequences, NM (real estate there is cheap!) and mentioned to me that her other powerful healer/psychic friend has decided to move there too…without each knowing about the other.  As we talked, it was like spirit was pounding on my head or screaming at me!  I was being urged to tell my healing center friend, “Its T or C!!”  Then it started making sense.  The only things I know about T or C are:  it changed its name to the name of a game show decades ago as part of a contest; it is not far from the Space Port; and it is known for very healing hot mineral springs — Ummm HELLO!!  As much as my friend who is being led to open a healing center loves Taos like I do, she wants a warmer location than ski area Taos.  Well, T or C is warmer!  If I had time, I’d drive down there right now and check the town out!

I have had very mixed messages and feelings about whether or not I’m doing the right thing with my current quest to leave New Mexico and move back to California or somewhere else my ego feels would be more exciting. A friend said to me, “You know, even if you leave, you’ll be back. There are two types of people in New Mexico…those born and raised here and those CALLED here. You were called here.” I was ticked but knew she was right. Heck, I’ve already left once (2006) and been brought back (2009). But, I am nothing if not stubborn! I wanna do what I wanna do! I have a loud, aggressive ego! I want the big city glitz! I want excitement, gosh darn it! Just this morning as I woke up, the feeling of leaving New Mexico filled me with dread…but…a couple of days ago I was totally psyched about moving to San Diego or maybe going back to Los Angeles. As I walked back into my apartment today after talking with my neighbor and having spirit smacking me around during half of the conversation, the thought popped into my head, “Go inside, meditate, and let spirit guide you like you are finally starting to do regarding dating, etc.” Literally, seconds later as I went to make some ginger Yogi tea, I saw the quote above on my tea bag. My unseen naggers are indeed funny. 😉

Now, I’ve heard of Turtle Medicine in Native American spirituality, but need to Google details of it. My neighbor mentioned that Turtleback Mountain in T or C will be visible from her future house, and that turtles are one of her spirit animals. Right now SHE is clearly being led. 🙂

Anyway, I’m wondering what part I am to play in what’s going on…but I’m hearing from my neighbor and feeling that healers and such are going to be called to Truth or Consequences more and more…that it could turn out to the next Sedona or something. Time will tell, but I’m not known for my patience. Hmmm…

In light,


2 thoughts on “Truth or Consequences, New Mexico may be calling healers…

  1. Thanks for sharing your journey! I was recently called here (New Mexico). I am a animal intuitive and a human reader/coach….would be happy to gift 15 minute sessions (Usually $100) to anyone who asks and signs up between May 22 and July 22, 2016.
    Dr. Laurie Moore 831-477 7007

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