The Great White Brotherhood

While talking about the lost continent of Lemuria on Facebook minutes ago (where I supposedly lived at one point), I found out that not only is Mount Shasta in California linked to Lemuria, but so is The Great White Brotherhood!  This is exciting to me because I’ve always been drawn to gorgeous Shasta Lake and Mount Shasta, and I’ve channeled The Great White Brotherhood before, including just days ago.  I love it when things unexpectedly come together!  There really are no accidents.  We’re drawn to places for a reason.  And I’m sure it wasn’t an accident that someone got me to read the I Am books years ago…which took place at Mount Shasta.  I am happy to find out TGWB is a known group of advanced beings.  That reassures me I’m hanging out in the right dimensions/astral levels. 🙂

In light,


2 thoughts on “The Great White Brotherhood

  1. Interesting! You are definitely plugged int. It would be interesting to check out some of the material channeled by others and see how similar it is to that which comes through you!

    • True. I don’t want to do it now though as I’m afraid it might influence me. The eerie thing that happened many years ago was that I stumbled upon a woman who channeled a being named Atheria! When i read some of her channeling, the choice of words, patterns, etc. were exactly like stuff I’d channeled! That made me question everything! I mean, maybe I misunderstood what the voice in 1998 meant when it said I wasn’t really Carrie Ryan…I was Atheria. Maybe it meant I was connected to a being named Atheria. Shortly after I changed my name to Atheria I got this anonymous, mysterious email saying he/she was glad I had discovered the Atheria energy and telling me that my whole world was about to become veeeery interesting. When I replied to ask for more information, my email bounced back undeliverable saying the email address didn’t exist!

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