Channeled Message – Expand into a Sensory Frequency

We are here with you this evening to discuss the planetary transition from one level of consciousness to another.  You have been at a feeling frequency for too long and must expand into a sensory frequency that combines all senses…not just taste, touch, smell, etc.  You must include the most important sense, your 6th sense.  Now, there are actually senses far beyond what you commonly term extrasensory perception, or ESP, but we will not blow your circuitry at this time by delving into those.  We will talk about them later.  Listen with your divine mind to what we tell you, not your normal conscious waking mind.

Picture a pyramid of white light over your head.  Let it move down and engulf you.  Let it literally move down to your toes.  Feel your cells…the physical make-up of who are…vibrate faster and faster as they are filled with the light.  As they increase in vibration, the cells will expand beyond physicality and will blend into your etheric and astral bodies.

This is step one of the process.  We will leave you with this at this evening.  Sleep on our words.  Until next time, we bid you peace.

The White Brotherhood


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