Relay Channeling 12/15/2014 – True Work

You are not alone. You are never alone. We are aware that many find this to be a cliché when it is nothing of the sort. It is the truth. When we met with you out in what you term “the universe” many years ago and showed you your true home, we did not do that to upset you…although it did…we just wanted to remind you that we have not forgotten you or where your true home is, and wanted to let you know that when you were done with your work on planet Earth, you would be brought back to your true home. Which leads us to true work. We know that you are feeling your current existence has been a total waste, but a waste it has not been AT ALL. People tend to think their true work is some grandiose thing like finding the cure for cancer or creating world peace, when 99% of the time people’s true work is simply being themselves. Your daily routines, your personal interactions with strangers, any little thing you do during each day that SEEMS insignificant is indeed making an imprint on the Akashic Records and making a difference. Your true work may simply be smiling at a stranger that you walk past on the street. That smile may have made that soul’s day a little brighter, so that that person then does something nice for someone else. And so on, and so on. It is like that old commercial where they said “And they tell two friends, and they tell two friends, and so on.” Light shines brightest when passed from one human being to another. Do not stress about making your life valuable. Your life IS already valuable. No one is incarnated by accident. We are all very interconnected and reliant upon each other. It’s like a huge spider web that encompasses not only the universe, but into other dimensions and etheric levels of consciousness. “To thine own self be true” should also include “To thine own soul must you honor and trust that it is learning and doing everything it needs to for your highest growth and good.” Do not feel bad should your life seem average and inconsequential. You have great consequence. There is only one you. There are no mistakes made during the creation of a soul. Even those who stray from the light and do seemingly horrible things are perfect. We know many of you will cringe reading these words, but it is truth. Without darkness, many of the most beautiful acts would never have happened. The sad truth is that it often takes horror to bring out the best in people. Our channel once joked that she only ever talked to her Los Angeles neighbors when earthquakes or riots occurred. Now THAT is something that needs to be improved and you can do it…one smile at a stranger passing by on the street at a time. We bid you peace, always and in all ways.


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