Yes, fairies exist. Lisette makes her appearance.

On August 8th, a group of us who channel got together for our monthly practice session in Rio Rancho, NM. I never know if I’ll be able to go into trance or not, but ended up going into trance twice that evening. The first group that came through told us their collective name was “The Golden Ones” and let me tell you…they were NOT easy to channel! My poor little body hadn’t been through that much strain in a long time. Their energy was very strong and huge and their 10,000 watts coming into my 100 watt body, took a toll. I ended up in major pain from the muscle tension and contorting of my already fragile neck. They did not mean to cause me pain, but that is the chance I take when I agree to do this work. Their energy was interesting to me as it seemed to be a combination of archangel and extraterrestrial. It didn’t feel totally one or the other.

The entire evening was recorded on a friend’s iPhone and I’m awaiting the portion of the tape that has The Golden Ones on it. When I get it, I’ll post it here and on YouTube. You’ll hear a lot of gasping, and struggling as I merge with The Golden Ones. I’m kind of glad we just had audio recordings as to see it may concern some people who aren’t used to what I do…namely my parents. LOL! They are still freaked out over what they witnessed many years ago that was much milder. 🙂

Anyway, after The Golden Ones left, other channelers had other spirits come through. I thought I was done for the evening as I was so exhausted, but toward the end (23 minutes or so into the portion of tape I got and uploaded to YouTube) of our session, my fairy friend, Lisette, showed up! I don’t think I’ve ever channeled her before, but I’m not perfectly sure. Her energy was TOTALLY different than The Golden Ones’ energy…much easier for me to handle and much lighter. It’s always a little weird for me to either hear or see myself do trance work, but listening to the high pitched, fast talking, chirping of Lisette makes me smile. She is fun and playful. I first “met” her in 2002 after Athena Demetrios, channeling Dr. Peebles, confirmed her existence. At that time, I really didn’t believe in fairies, elementals, gnomes, leprechauns, etc., but all that changed after meeting Lisette. She likes to hang out on my left shoulder and plays with my ear. She also tickles me. 🙂 To be honest, I’d not heard from her in quite a while when she showed up on the 8th. Linked below is the audio from August 8th where she appears. It’s worth listening to the whole thing, but Lisette shows up just after the 23 minute mark.

Fairy dust!


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