On a Spiritual Quest in Questa, NM

Every visit to magical Taos, New Mexico triggers something important to happen. I’ve documented in photos how my eyes change color when I’m there and get greener. I’ve blogged about how Taos first called me in 1998 and how during my first visit there I had a life altering spiritual experience at Ojo Caliente. Anyway, during a one day visit 2 weeks ago, just as I was about to head home, I got this urge to walk into an art gallery just off Taos Plaza named Charles Collins Gallery. I’d not had the pull to go into any other galleries the whole time I was there. When I walked in, the woman working in the gallery was busy with other customers, so I just quietly looked around and fell in love with the art. I adore paintings that have things hidden in them…where you have to keep looking to discover faces hidden in mountains and such. Charles’ art is VERY spiritual and beautiful.

I was so quiet in the back of the gallery, that when the other customers left, the woman started locking up the gallery for the day. I said, “I’m back here” or something and caught her by surprise. We started chatting and hit it off, and for some reason (there are never accidents) I mentioned something metaphysical and we got talking about psychic stuff or the power of Taos or something…can’t remember. Then she mentioned that this guy was going to be coming to Questa in 2 weeks who lives in Alabama and channels angels. She said his name was Shaun/Sean/Shawn (I have no idea on the spelling and still don’t have his last name!) and that his wife who was from the Taos Pueblo had been severely damaged due to abuse (I later found out, that abuse also included rape at age 17.) and while begging God to save his wife and heal her, he had offered up himself as payment…which triggered a spiritual experience that changed his life forever. Not only was his wife (Yvonne or Yvette…geeze, I need to get names!) healed, but Shaun started channeling angels and was given the mission to bring the Holy Spirit to others. As the nice lady was telling me this, I suddenly felt strong tingling in my body. I felt “whacked” by my unseen friends and knew that I HAD to drive back up in 2 weeks to witness what Shaun does. All I had to go on was that there was a guy named Shaun who channels angels and that he’d be at Herman Rednick’s old home in Questa (little map drawn out on a slip of paper) at 4 p.m. on August 1st and also 4 p.m. on August 3rd. Keeping in mind that I don’t like remote locations in the middle of nowhere, the location concerned me…but…spirit continued to strongly urge me to go for 2 weeks. I felt I did not have a choice in the matter. My unseen friends can be pushy!

Anyway, I decided to make yesterday a Taos/Questa day (you have to pass through Taos to get to Questa from Albuquerque) and early on I knew something was up when I experienced time warping. Normally, the drive from my Albuquerque house to Taos takes about 2 1/2 hours…and I didn’t drive nonstop this time. I stopped at Trader Joe’s in Santa Fe for some supplies. But, I swear, the long drive felt like only 30 minutes or something! No way did it feel like the long drive it normally feels like. I’d look at the clock on my dashboard and an hour had passed in a blink! And while I was in Taos, where I spent most of the day, the time kept flinging by. I did yoga in the Kit Carson Park and my standard 45-50 minute routine seemed to be over in 5 minutes. It was odd.

I headed out of Taos for Questa a bit early, since I’d never been to The Herman Rednick House before and wasn’t sure that I’d not get lost. Thankfully, not only was the drive very pretty, but I easily found the location. I was told to look for lots of cars, and that made it easier. It was indeed crowded! That’s always a good sign. As I walked up the driveway to the property, WHAMMO! I felt MAJOR tingling through my body and got quite dizzy. A nice lady there to greet people took me by the arm to help me. Needless to say, that place is very powerful and it has fabulous energy! I actually didn’t know there was so much more to the place until I just looked at the website. I only went into the building where Shaun was going to be working.

I was one of the seemingly few newbies. I got the vibe that most of the other people shoved into the crowded room had been following Shaun’s work for a while. I learned that Shaun and his wife pay their own way to New Mexico every few months to hold these angel sessions. And, there were no fees asked for…just donation boxes if you wanted to donate. Now, I don’t mean to imply that people who do spiritual work shouldn’t be paid AT ALL (trust me…I get tired of people feeling I should work for free), but it is a good sign that a teacher doesn’t tell you right off the bat that it’s $500 to come see him/her work. When Shaun came into the room, he was immediately, or almost immediately incorporated with Archangel Michael. I didn’t see any type of dramatic shift like I go through when I channel. Actually, what Shaun does is very different than what I do. It’s hard to explain the difference, but he seems more “there” and can control his body where I can’t. Although he did talk to the group a bit, the majority of the evening was spent doing one-on-one healing and helping sessions with each person in the room. At one point he did get up and go around the room to transfer energy to more than one person at a time. Then Michael left and Archangel Raphael took over. I will say that both had senses of humor, which is always nice. 🙂 It was Raphael who worked on me. I sat in front of him and was instructed to close my eyes. Then, I got pretty dizzy again (and no, it was not my blood sugar acting up) and felt a little like I was swirling around in circles internally. It was similar but not exactly the same as the spiraling around inside myself I experienced years ago when healer Eric Scott Pearl worked on me. He told me I could open my eyes and explained that what he had just done was a cleansing…and that now it was time to be touched by the Holy Spirit (I think that’s the term was he used…it’s hard to recall.) I don’t remember if it was the moment I sat down in the chair or after the clearing, but Raphael said to me, “You have a lot of questions.” I laughed and said, “Yep.” Boy do I have questions. He said that since I had so many questions, and since I had to head back home on my 3+ hour drive (which ended up being longer due to severe storms and scary driving conditions), he would visit me ongoingly to help me find answers. He then sent spiraling energy into my right palm. He said that when I felt circles of energy in my right palm, that meant he was with me.

During the time that I was there watching the angels work, I witnessed some people be very affected to the point where they couldn’t hardly walk and needed help, or were totally zoned out, etc. And no, they weren’t faking it. They had no one there to impress. I left there with a book to read about Shaun and Yvonne’s story titled “Something Bad Happened and I Can’t Feel God Anymore” (written in prayer by Medicine Road) and impressed with the people I met. No matter what happens, the location an experience was definitely loving and positive. I’m curious to see what WILL happen to me over the next few weeks. I will say, that although it was a long and scary drive home, the degree of tiredness I was hit with was overwhelmingly abnormal for me. I mean, think falling asleep at the wheel kind of exhaustion. I think only the hazardous driving conditions kept me alert. I pretty much passed out once I got home around 10:15 – 10:20 p.m.

Since I don’t think Shaun has a website or anything, I did make sure to ask how I could find out about future visits to New Mexico. A nice lady at the event took my email address so that I can get notifications. I’ll post them here since it’s totally by word of mouth that anyone can find out about Shaun’s work.

I was told in a “dream” a few days ago (clearly it was a message) that New Mexico IS my home and this is indeed where I need to be. I’ve been questioning it, but know the message was/is correct. There is truly something special about this state (and especially Northern NM) that draws people here for spiritual growth. I once heard that the seeming desolate/loneliness of much of the state forces people to go inside to grow on a spiritual level. I kind of suspect that’s true. That being said, there IS such beauty here. I’ve discovered gorgeous vistas lately I’ve never seen before…SE of Taos, and now NW of Taos.


6 thoughts on “On a Spiritual Quest in Questa, NM

  1. Very nice story. When you go through “activations” or “fast track” your development, you can often be suddenly overtired. Has happened to me. Can’t wait to hear more about future events.

  2. I heard wrong. I think Medicine Road is Lakota and Cheyenne. I believe it might have been members of the Taos Pueblo who helped her after a horrid experience where her young son was poisoned and she was drugged and repeatedly actually assaulted by a cult like couple. This is on top of her “regular” rape at age 17. I’m only on page 46 of her story right now but it’s interesting and upsetting. And, they don’t even accept donations at this point. I think the donation box was actually for the retreat center.

  3. Hi Carrie, This is Pat Quintana. You told me last year I was going to meet someone. Well I did!, we have been seeing each other for about 3 months . He needs a new kidney and d oes dialysis every night. We have a trip planned for Thanksgiving with my kids and grandkids to Cancun. He is going too. But we found out that Mexico won’t except the fluid he needs for dialysis!! His doctor told him to go. He will be without dialysis for 7 days! I was wondering if you see any serious complications. I really want him to go but don’t want him to risk his health over it. I would appreciate any thing you can tell me! Been reading all your posts. They are so interesting! How are you doing. Thank you for the good energy last week. I am doing really great now! How was the meeting? I haven’t been there for a few months. Thank you. Pat

    Sent from my iPad


    • Yippee! Well, if his doctor is okay with it, he should be fine. If you’re that concerned, can you shorten the trip by a day or two? How weird that Mexico won’t allow the medical stuff!

      The meeting went well, but you were missed.

      I’m so glad you met someone! You give me hope for me! 😉 I’m doing okay… sold my house and am trying to let spirit guide me to a new city. I am going to do readings at Abitha’s Apothecary on Central for Nob Hill’s Shop and Stroll on Dec. 4th. The owner of the little shop (only a mile from my new apartment) and her employees seem very nice and are welcoming me into their fold. 🙂

      Have a wonderful trip and maybe love will heal your knees!

  4. I just got their correct names and spellings! They are Sean and Yvette! They are coming to Questa/Taos again soon.
    Dear friends,
    I have heard from Yvette of the time of the next visit from her, Sean, and family, coming together with us for prayer, healing and the Angelic presence. It will be near Thanksgiving, a fitting time for such a precious gathering. Here are the days and times. Prayer circles both include both men and women, one in El Rito north of Questa, one in Taos.

    Tuesday, November 22nd
    El Rito, north of Questa, at Herman Rednick house # 40 Lorien Rd (the usual place!)
    for everyone (men and women)
    4pm start time

    Friday, November 25th
    Taos – Unity Church, on Blueberry Hill Road
    for everyone (men and women)
    10am start time

    Please call or email me if i can help with anything.
    With love and gratitude,
    Gabrielle Herbertson

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