Channeled White Brotherhood message: Your soul is right

Now is the summer of your discontent.  For as trees leaf and flowers bloom, so shall your soul yearn to burst out of its winter cocoon.  So shall your soul strive to reach toward the sun…that is…God…The All…The Great Spirit.  Do not ignore the nudges of your soul or you will pay a price.  A quote often repeated by our channel, “Depression is your soul’s way of letting you know you are on the wrong path” is accurate in every way.  Your soul will not mislead you.  Your soul will not lie to you.  Your soul is your eternal connection to your God Source, the kingdom within you.  All is within you.  You do have the power to not only change the outcome of your life, but to create a whole new world for yourself.  We know this bugs our channel as she still does not believe in the “whole create your reality thing” as she puts it, but truth is truth.  Of course there are major lessons that have been charted out for you BY YOU before incarnation, but along the way, you can still veer off in the wrong direction or a better direction.  You will still need to learn the lessons that you need to learn and make choices when facing certain obstacles/dilemmas, but your life is a creation…kind of a “co-creation” if you will with The All, your spirit guides over here on this side, and your soul.

Something we’d like to point out when you are ruminating about a seemingly bad event and looking for what could possibly be good in it, is that although humans tend to look at situations from their standpoint, sometimes it’s another person’s growth that actually is the important thing in your interaction with him or her.  Sometimes you just play the instigator for another’s growth so that it SEEMS you’ve not learned anything good from the experience.  You didn’t need to learn anything.  They did.  You have to trust in that at let go.  Obsessively looking for the “Why?!” in a situation does not serve you and simply wastes time from your further experience of different situations and interactions as you continue to look to understand the past.  (By the way, this is The White Brotherhood here today speaking with you.  We know you like identification.)

When your heart aches and you feel dead inside, go back to the activities and events that brought you joy as a child.  The things you loved to do as a child, before you were influenced by society’s “shoulds” and “should nots” gives you clues to what you are supposed to be doing with your life as an adult.  Now, not every childhood love is something that can financially support you 100%, but at the very least, if you add your childhood loves back into your life as hobbies, they will nourish your starving soul.  And the funny thing is, as you get happier, you exude a more successful energy that often causes new opportunities that are more in alignment with your soul to show up…including income creating options.

We hope those of you in New Mexico have enjoyed the badly needed rains.  You are not the only ones who are grateful for them.  For it pains us to see your beautiful planet so devastated with droughts and wildfires just as much as it pains you.  And with that, we send you our love and everlasting support from this side of the veil.  Peace and adieux.


6 thoughts on “Channeled White Brotherhood message: Your soul is right

  1. What a beautiful message! That sounds like St. Germain! I do believe he likes to throw in some French salutations now and again! And I’m fond of him, too. Thank-you for bringing us this message Atheria. 🙂

  2. Love this. It’s often what comes through in readings from Spirit. Even the childhood mentality part. I’ll share this when I’ve got my computer up and going.

    Isn’t white brotherhood a name the neo-nazis use also? Something similar…no? Hope not!

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