Channeled evening on 3-13-2014 and a fateful encounter…

I channeled for the first time last Thursday at “Let’s Channel” (which is a weekly meeting/gathering inside “Tech Love”) in Albuquerque, NM.  I will admit to being very nervous about channeling for the public, as what I do is sooooooo ephemeral.  I had to trust that my unseen friends would show up!  I did start feeling them waiting in the wings around 3 p.m. while still at work, though, so that made me feel better.  Then I knew for SURE they were eager to work while driving to the location, because it should have been a simple drive from my day job’s location to “Tech Love” on Central.  Should is the key word here.  I was obviously not completely in my body because I got totally lost and then forgot where I was going.  I’m blonde now, and truly seemed to live up to the reputation!  LOL

I sat in my car for a while before going in, and meditated with a quartz crystal that I had success with the night before.  I’ve never been that into crystals, but after the speaker last week led us through some exercises with crystals, I became much more impressed with how much they can indeed help.  In fact, although I don’t usually channel with anything as a prop, I opted to hold the crystal during my trance work last night…and things went differently than normal, so it did seem to affect me.  Usually just one group of unseen friends comes through per session, but last night the Arcturians, Pleiadians, and White Brotherhood all came through.  Also, the process of my merging with them was more gentle than it has been in the past (though my gasping and struggling concerned some people).

ImageIf you watch all 8 video segments (had to switch from my Canon digital camera to an iPhone as my memory stick filled up) you will come to a portion of the evening where an audience member asked my unseen friends about a spiritual lodge located within Sirius.  My guides mentioned the rudimentary painting I created back in the 1990s shown above as being a picture of what the lodge looks like.  I had seen this emerald city looking place during a vision back then.

ImageDuring another portion of my channeled session, my unseen friends talked about the power of pyramids…that they are not simply innate relics left behind by long ago cultures, but that they are living, acting beings.  I dug up this other painting I created back in the 1990s (I think it was the 90s) because it felt important and in line with what came out last night.

My unseen friends also talked about the missing Malaysian plane, Flight 370, and explained that it accidentally went into a hole (one hole of a few we have right now) between dimensions/etheric layers.  I stand behind what came out last night, so even if they find that the plane was highjacked or something, I do fully believe there was a dimensional component.  I will say that because of what came out regarding these holes that have formed, I’m a bit leery about flying…although the biggest ones are near both the north and south poles.

Well, I’ll stop rambling on and link the videos from last night.  When I ended trance, I was REALLY hot…totally sweaty.  That was different for me.  I do hope those in attendance got interesting and and helpful information from what transpired.  This work is important to me, and I aim to help people.

Here I am giving my background:

And here I go into trance:

We had to switch to iPhone video from this point:

It seems that spirit is suddenly pushing me to do more of this type of work after what happened last night.  A friend of mine had invited me, earlier in the day, to go with  her to hear live music at “The Range Cafe” in Bernalillo last night.  Initially, I had turned her down because I had plans already to attend a monthly channeling circle in Rio Rancho.  I was running around all day and got very delayed, and realized around dinner time that I was not going to make it to the meeting on time…and you can’t enter a circle late if others are in trance (it’s rude and dangerous).  So, I told my friend that I could go with her after all.  But, her back started acting up big time and she was in too much pain to go.  I decided to drive up to Bernalillo myself, and on the way there, I had the strongest feeling that all of this had been arranged…and that I was being sent to “The Range Cafe” for a reason.

I stayed and listened to the great bluegrass music for a couple of hours, and chatted with some nice folks at the bar, and then got up to leave.  Just as I was  getting near the exit, this gal who was in the back of a group of women who’d been eating dinner in the main dining hall got her purse latched onto a railing and it yanked her backwards.  As I reacted to try to catch her or help, she turned to me and said, “Aren’t you the one who channeled last night?”  Come to find out, 2 of the women had been at the Thursday event!  What are the odds of that?!  I only VERY rarely do anything in Bernalillo, and they admitted that they ended up at “The Range Cafe” by happenstance too.  They had come up from Albuquerque to attend a friend’s art exhibit a few stores up the street but left because there was no food and they were hungry.  We chatted for quite a while, and then they mentioned that the one woman owned a hair salon at Rio Grande/Central and twice a week, at night, the salon was used as a location for meditation classes and other spiritual teaching type classes.  They then said that they wanted me to channel some night as a guest speaker. 🙂 So…because of “happenstance” I ended up in a place last night I had no intention of going to, where I ran into people who’d seen me channel the night before, and got my next event opportunity out of it.  IF YOU THINK THERE IS NOT A PLAN FOR YOUR LIFE…YOU ARE WRONG!  NOTHING IS AN ACCIDENT! 🙂

In light,

Carrie (Atheria)

7 thoughts on “Channeled evening on 3-13-2014 and a fateful encounter…

  1. Hi There,
    I apologize for the intense lengthiness below. There’s a lot I need to communicate to people who apparently know far more about whatever this all concerns than I do. And I would so very much appreciate any info you can provide.
    I’m a third year law student. Thus I’ve been brainwashed my entire life to worship ‘pure reason’ – whatever the heck that is – and to discount everything you believe in as complete and total bullshit.
    I recently reconnected with a HIGHLY RATIONAL, incredibly intelligent pseudo-friend from high school via Facebook. He’s into quantum physics, science, and fully believes there are ‘aliens’ on earth. We were hardly acquaintances before. He told me to start looking into this stuff and particularly into the Pleiadians. (He also told me I am one. Ha?)
    I went through an experience last year I call a ‘spiritual awakening’. That’s exactly what it was. It was triggered by a number of crazy-truly-insane incidences where everyone in my life – everyone, even strangers – started behaving completely out of character. Like they were different people. Or not people at all. It made me go literally insane.
    I decided I was the reincarnation of the Virgin Mary and that a famous rap musician – Eminem – was the second coming of Jesus Christ. Prior to this I was deeply depressed, incredibly not-angry (I was a doormat really, or what you might call an ‘unconscious sheep’) – and highly agnostic. And I detested rap of any kind.
    I was NEVER a fan of Eminem back in the 90’s-2000’s when he was popular. I found him crass and offensive.
    My family had me institutionalized. The entire thing was a nightmare. And it was by far the greatest gift of my life.
    Today I came across this 20-minute ‘message from the pleiadians’ video that rocked my mind and used the same exact words and phrases that felt like they’d been somehow ‘put’ into my head during my period of insanity.
    It was like a voice was speaking into my head that was me, but also not. If that makes sense.
    These days my friends – all of whom cut me off when they presumably considered me insane, and all of whom are now my friends again except they treat me better than ever before – tell me I was ‘lucid’ when I was insane. And that they knew it at the time. In some ways I was at the height of my current potential for awareness. I’m sure of that.
    Coming ‘back to earth’ so to speak felt a whole hell of a lot like that taking-the-red-pill idea from The Matrix. But I love and care about people, particularly since going through all of this. A major part of the awakening was feeling the most intense love imaginable, all the time, for everything on the planet. So I don’t like to worry or upset people.
    I’m also light years beyond more effective at doing what I’m apparently supposed to do – which has much to do with writing – if I’m able to speak their language. If you understand what I mean by that.
    What coincided with my ‘descent into madness’ as I refer to it – largely to cater to people who can’t understand what it really was about – was this compulsion to write. I started a blog Valentine’s Day. It’s gotten 8,500+ hits since then and people all over the world are reading it, apparently. Seems like I’m reaching people. Nothing makes me happier.
    I would so love if you’d check it out. I’ve pulled some posts you might find particularly relevant and linked them below.
    Any thoughts or feedback would be so very much appreciated. I don’t even really know what I’m asking for here. Just – extra guidance maybe. Or inspiration. Or whatever you feel inclined to tell me, especially since this is all so incredibly new. Maybe links to other information or websites that might be enlightening?
    I really don’t do books. One of the things that came out of my whole awakening thing is a powerfully stubborn belief that brevity is totally crucial for writing. To make it accessible, which for me is the entire damn point. It’s supposed to be about achieving effective communication and most certainly not alienating or intimidating others with huge words or formality. This e-mail is certainly not the best example of that – ha. But I’m assuming you’re kind of in the business, or mission, whatever you call it, of listening to people like me who end up with a torrent of thoughts in such cases.
    Thanks so much for your time. This is my email, or I’m also at .
    Feel free to pass all this along if you’re inclined to. I’m not in the least a private kind of person anymore.
    Published piece in Psychology Tomorrow:
    Full blog:
    This is the video I was referring to.
    For what it’s worth, October 14 is my birthday. Year 1984 not 2008 😉 and apparently this woman amended the time frame to Oct. 24-27. I in no way mean to imply I’m somehow ’special or that any of this stuff is ‘about me’. That’s the opposite of what’s happening anyway, as I understand it. To the extent it’s ‘for real’. (Still battling skepticism, sorry.)
    At the same time, I’ve stopped believing in coincidences. So who the hell knows. Maybe you people do.
    And here’s a post I wrote and promptly deleted, because my primary goal is to speak to people who are more like me. Or like how I used to be. It’s crucial. I was afraid this was going too far and might freak them out. Side note – I met Olivier Francois by complete fluke in L.A. while attending UCLA Law. He facilitated me temporarily dropping out of law school and promised me a job at Chrysler, where he is CMO. That’s in Detroit. Which is where Eminem lives.
    He flew me out there and put me up in an apartment on his own dime (by the way, our relationship was not sexual).
    This was right at the onset of my Eminem obsession phase. Interesting the video talks about how we ‘pre-encode’ ourselves with dormant information that will be triggered by certain events. Apparently that can include rap music?
    These aliens if they exist most certainly have a sense of humor. It’s really fun when it doesn’t put me in an insane asylum being threatened with forcible injection of mind numbing anti-psychotics and doctors who won’t listen to me.
    Though even some of that was funny too in retrospect. Believe it or not.
    He took me to dinner with Luis Resto, Eminem’s music composer ever since back in the 90’s. He offered to introduce me to Eminem, as they worked together on that Superbowl Chrysler ‘Imported From Detroit’ commercial from a few years back, which I believe is why Olivier ended up being named Brand Genius of the Year 2012.
    I decided not to meet the ‘man’ (not totally sure ‘man’ is quite the right word for a number of reasons). This makes absolutely zero sense for a person who is totally obsessed to the point of clinical insanity with a celebrity.
    I’ve come to understand there was no need for me to meet him because he was not the point at all, except to the extent his message is a metaphor for the self-assertion and rebelliousness that desperately needed to be tapped into and drawn out in me. His art was more like a proxy for whatever waking up thing I was meant to go through.
    Here’s the deleted piece.
    On Apr 30, 2014, at 1:21 PM, Jessica Hubbard wrote:
    If you want really truly weird, go on and check this out.
    Being crazy can teach you some things, assuming you eventually get out of it. One of the things being crazy taught me is exactly who I am.
    There was this moment a lot of people would call crazy. But it was enlightening as all get out. I was in Detroit because brand-genius-of-the-year-2012-no-joke flew me out there. I went to take a bath. And so this happened.
    I saw a bug in the tub. It looked like that bug in The Matrix they put in people to track them, make them do what they want or whatever is going on there. Point is not particularly pretty. I freaked out. And I calmed down. Got a washcloth and ‘asked’ it to crawl up on the thing (really).
    And it did. Then I carried it outside and started to shake it over the balcony. But it was like the thing disappeared before I could get there. Kind of like it’d never existed at all.
    Then I heard this voice in my head, and yes I may have been somewhat schizophrenic at the time. But I’ve never heard voices – not technically – before or since.
    It said: ‘That was your final test.’
    Well what exactly the fuck is that supposed to mean.
    Here’s what I can tell you. I can’t kill things these days. Not mosquitos or caterpillars or any living creature at all. There’s this whole story on spiders from when I was 18 I’ll save for another time. [It’s now in the ‘weird things started happening’ blog post.
    I’m pretty much a Jainist. It’s weird and people don’t get it, especially in the south.
    So that’s who I am. I can’t kill. Even when stuff disgusts me. I think about whether it’s alive. And if it is – best believe I am not killing it.
    This is the guy. He really is brilliant.

    • Just as I was emailing you to tell you to look back here for my reply, my right clairaudient ear got strong pressure in it and a HIGH pitched ring! Someone in spirit was signaling me. I asked who it was, and I heard that it was The White Brotherhood. Please Google them.

  2. Hi Jessica,

    Wow! I’m not even sure WHERE to start with that long essay. LOL! And yes, I have a short attention span and totally relate to needing to keep things as brief as possible for people. I don’t have Internet at home (just a cell phone with slow data that I use as a modem) so I can’t play the videos you sent until I get to WiFi this weekend. My birthday is October 20th. Is there something about being born in October that is significant in that one video? Like you, I am finding it harder and harder to kill anything…even all of the annoying ants I’ve had in my bathroom for months. I did recently get so frustrated while trying to use the sink “around them and their needs” that I did kill some, but it literally pained me. Granted, I was vegan for good reason for 16 years until I became hypoglycemic in November 2010 and was forced to go back to meat. Just VERY recently I’ve been able to return to veganism and am thrilled. I have felt for a long time that my soul’s intrinsic need to be vegetarian is due to my Pleiadian/Plejaran history.

    I’ve had a theory for a long time that schizophrenics are not REALLY crazy. I believe they are actually VERY psychic but that something in their mental state can’t handle their gift and they get confused about which dimension they are in and which dimension other beings are in. I mean, I talk to “dead people” and channel ETs, but I am aware that they are in different dimensions than where my physical body is. I have had 2 mediumistic (one is also a trance channel) friends who’ve “coincidentally” had schizophrenic brothers. That just proves my theory.

    I keep trying to get into Eckhart Tolle, but I just don’t connect with him.

    Books (yes, I know you hate books) that my entire being felt were truth were “Journey of Souls” and “Destiny of Souls”. They fascinated me. My intuition is telling me to send you to – I think there is something there for you.

    I have LONG since considered school/college to be useless. Schools don’t teach you the IMPORTANT things. Of course, if you want to be a lawyer or doctor you have no choice but to go to college, but I’m glad you feel that what we are all taught in school isn’t what really should be taught. I’m much more interested in learning to work with energy, learning to astral travel at will, etc. than learning algebra.

    The experience I had at Ojo Caliente (it’s in my post about Taos) opened my eyes to the reality that everything is energy…that everything is connected. It was one thing to be told that, but quite something else to actually SEE that truth.

    Now, I actually like Eminem, but I don’t think he’s Jesus. 🙂 I do agree that something about him or his music could have flipped a switch for you. We chart our lives before we incarnate, especially major life lessons/events, and it seems possible to me that certain things are lined up to trigger us. For example, my shitty neck injury that causes me 24 hour pain 18.5 years later also is the reason I went to see healer Eric Scott Pearl in August of 1996, who changed my life! Meeting Eric was clearly arranged. He blew open my chakras or something and made me instantly much more psychic. By the way, I should go see that guy in California who impressed you about my constant head pain no one can figure out. :-/ Even though Eric healed other chronic issues instantly in my body, even gifted him (he’s not human in my opinion…he’s ET) couldn’t get my neck/head damage to budge.

    Your story is fascinating. I can’t wait to see where you are led.

    In light,
    Carrie (Atheria)

  3. First off, you are wonderful. And special. There’s no one I’ve met who could use a term like ‘clairaudient ear’ and not make me tune out 😉
    I googled both those things you recommended and am about to read. Also write another post. Here’s something you might find interesting too. It pretty much sums up six months of my life last year.
    I don’t in the least think Eminem is ‘Jesus’ since I came out of that phase. What I was implying in what I wrote was something very different. Almost like the opposite, if you get my drift. But he did worlds of good for me whether it was intended or not. And that is how I think life works.
    Check out Ken Klee’s energy healing website. Yes you should see him. He’s got a long waiting list since he typically does this for free, or accepts donations. But if you tell him you know me that’d be worth a shot.

    • I’m exhausted and it’s late, so I just read part of the shamanic view of mental illness, but what I read makes total sense and basically reaffirms what I’ve intuitively felt. I was reading one famous psychic’s book and she mentioned that when she went into a bar late one night to ask for directions or something, she could see entities jumping into and out of bodies of very drunk people as the alcohol had left their souls exposed.

      My right ear IS my clairaudient ear! 🙂

  4. And it doesn’t surprise me in the least you’re a fellow Libra. I find we tend to be a bit more immediately responsive than most ❤

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