No accidental meetings…an old friend from the Salem Witch Trials has shown up.

Starting January 20th, I was under immense stress (that ruined my health) due to my employer telling me I couldn’t keep the job they gave me on December 13th and that I had 30 days to find another job within the company.  My old department would have taken me back as I left on good terms, but they had already back-filled my position.  There were not many openings, and with the time crunch, I did not do well stress-wise.  During all of this, my friends kept saying, “Everything happens for a reason.  You have to trust that.”  Now I do believe that, in general, but when you are seeing NO possible good from the situation (I knew that whatever job I found would most likely pay less than what this job would have paid had it worked out) and are ending up in ERs with anxiety attacks, it’s hard to just trust that there is a plan and things will work out.  Thankfully, with 2 days left in my 30 day deadline, I got a job offer…and transferred before the end of that week, starting late in the day on February 20th.  I was a little concerned because my start date was in the middle of a Mercury Retrograde, but, tried to tune that fact out.

Immediately, there were 2 good things about the new position…MUCH easier parking (parking is a major issue) and I could have my cell phone at work for the first time in over 4 years!  But, those are not really important reasons for me ending up with this job.  I share an office with another assistant, and we hit it off immediately.  I assumed, though, that it was just that we got along and was glad for that fact.  I’d guess she is about my age, probably a few years younger.  Then I started noticing just HOW MUCH we had in common and it started to get weird.  We’re both drawn to Asian decorations.  We both eat small meals all the time (she eats even more often than I do) and are into healthier foods.  We both love to travel (although I’ve not traveled lately…which I need to do again) and actually took the same cruise in 2011!  The only difference was that I went in August and she went in December.  I mean, literally, the same ship and route.  I was in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, and she has always wanted to be in the movie biz.  I can’t recall why now, but for some reason I took a risk and said something about past-lives on Thursday and she got very interested.  Turns out she is very into all things metaphysical like me.  We both loved “In Search Of” years ago.  We both, as kids, were obsessed with learning about ghosts, etc.  Now, as a kid I held seances, which she didn’t do out of fear…but still, she was intrigued.  While mentioning some past-life stuff, I brought up my life and death during the Salem Witch Trials in 1692 (was hung on July 19, 1692) and how my current neck problem is tied to a few past-lives where I’ve been killed by my neck.  She then got excited and said that she’s always been drawn to information about the Witch Trials an actually made the pilgrimage to Salem to visit the sites where the murders happened.  That is something I think I need to do.  She warned me that where they have the markers isn’t the real location where the trials and executions happened, though, as locals told her.  As we eagerly went back and forth talking about the Witch Trials, I kept tingling noticeably…like my unseen friends were smacking me to pay attention.  There have been a few women in my life, where when I met them, there was this “recognition” that I knew them in Salem.  I’m convinced we were friends back in 1692.  When I look at her, I can literally see it now.  I’m not going to tell her THAT, but at least I know now that there IS a reason for this new job.  I was meant to meet her.  I do think there will be other things that show up to confirm there is a plan for our lives, and that nothing is random.  I look forward to finding out what will be revealed.



6 thoughts on “No accidental meetings…an old friend from the Salem Witch Trials has shown up.

  1. 1.) Very cool! 2.) I desperately need an experience like this. I’m so ready for it. Hasn’t happened in a long time. 3.) Oddly (or not) YESTERDAY I was looking at the listings on HelpX yesterday. This is a website where you can find an organic farmstay or other live-in experience for a week or more, in exchange for helping with chores, field work, renovation, etc. This one that caught my eye was an 11-bedroom Italian villa near Boston, and at the end of the description the woman said “I just bought a place of my own right in the heart of Salem, MA. I need people to help me here as well…I will be splitting my time between the two residences during the summer. The location of this house might be even better for tourists as it is the center of a historic New England city, short walking distance to lots of fun stuff.” I’ve already been to Salem, but I think I only went to the Witch Museum. Why can’t I remember much from my time there besides the B&B I stayed at and “The Bunghole” liquor shop? I know there is much more to explore. If you go, I am sure you’ll be led to where you need to be.

    • Thank you, Mary. It’s so eerie how my own kin (according to the massive family tree my friend researched for me) were involved in the Salem Witch Trials. How weird is that?! It’s one of the most vivid and painful past lives I’ve recalled under hypnosis.

    • hello sister, i too come from a dark past during the trails and i too am living in the bed ive made for myself , we cans till have victory over the past that hunts us today – Mary

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