Another dream visitation from my beloved Bodhi…

ImageMy sweet Bodhi, who I lost on September 25, 2012, has visited me in dreams two other times.  I didn’t expect anymore visitations since a good medium told me on December 6, 2013 that he and Karma, who passed on August 24, 2013, were finally going to stop hanging around the house and would move on.  Within days of her telling me that, I actually felt them leave.  Before, their presence and PRANKS were constant.  But, suddenly they felt “gone”.  I have missed them, but understand they need to continue on their journeys.

Just before 5:25 a.m. this morning, I had another dream visitation from Bodhi!  The dream didn’t last long, and was pretty simple, but I’m not complaining.  I can remember him walking past me back and forth, allowing me to pet him.  I noticed that I could really feel him, and thought to myself that I was surprised I’d be able to actually feel his spirit.  I don’t know why that surprised me at the time, since in the two other visitations I actually held and hugged him…but it did.  Then something kind of funny happened.  As he was walking away from me I noticed that his “cojones” were back.  LOL!  He’d been neutered as a kitten, so when I saw large balls…it caught my attention. 🙂 I thought, how interesting.  Once he returned to pure spirit, his ENTIRE physiology was returned to a pure state.  I know that Sylvia Browne always said that when humans pass over to the Other Side, they return to looking totally healthy and around 30 years old.  Seems returning to a pristine condition also happens to animals when they cross over.  I’m sure he must be thrilled.  Ha!

ImageKarma has not visited me in dreams yet and I really wish she would.  I have been told that she does sleep with me, like she used to love to do, but I’d love to also be able to hug her in a dream.  I told her that this morning and hope she makes an appearance soon.  I love and miss both of my babies.

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5 thoughts on “Another dream visitation from my beloved Bodhi…

  1. Oh Carrie, I feel your longing. When my Pearl passed Feb 11, I thought she’d come visit me within 3 days, but she did it 7 days later, the same day of the week she passed, and came at 9:11 a.m. She woke me up by meowing her former, healthy energetic meow. I thought it was so real, I got up from bed to open the door to let her in. But then I *really* woke up and realized what I was doing. I was so joyful the rest of the day that I knew it was really her first visit. I want one now where I can truly see and pet her, like you experienced.

  2. HI Carrie – they are both so sweet. I’m sure you must miss them terribly. Happy to hear that Bodhi is in full form, so to speak! And I’ve not doubt Karma will visit when she’s ready. 🙂 Occasionally I’ll see my Sumi, who passed into Spirit in 2010, out of the corner of my eye, and know it’s her because she was so tiny, compared to Jack. I miss her sweet cuddling, although I do believe she’s giving Jack a few lessons!

    • Thank you. I really wish Karma would come to me in a dream too, but a very good fellow medium told me in December that Karma sleeps with me…which she loved to do, usually half on my head. 🙂

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