Archangel Michael and the White Brotherhood…

White Brotherhood

I went to a channelers circle last night that occurs once a month.  The circle I was a member of in Los Angeles was done in a way where those of us who could channel would be in full trance, while those who either couldn’t, or didn’t want to go under would stay conscious and ask questions.  This Rio Rancho group was done a little differently, where everyone (except me, initially, as I couldn’t seem to go under) was in lighter trances so that they were still aware and could talk and ask questions.  To be honest, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to work that way.  I’m either here or gone…no real middle ground. 🙂 Each person would speak and say whatever their unseen friends wanted to say, and then would take questions from the group.  It was truly great.  I’m so glad I went.  I got a few personal questions answered, including being given information about my health (I may still have an unwanted spirit attachment that is contributing to the 18 years of chronic head/neck pain) and my beloved Taos.  It seems that I did indeed have a past life there as a male Native American (I think I was a Ute.  The Utes are in Colorado, but would come down to the Taos area to trade.) and took part in many sacred ceremonies.  I was told that Taos is indeed very healing for me, and that I need to find one specific location and stand there with my arms up to the sky.  I’ll feel something go through my body powerfully, that will heal me.  I’ve heard about a sacred lake on the Taos Pueblo that I’ve wished I could go to, but you do need to be a Pueblo member in order to have access.  I was also told that it’s possible I’ll be moving to Taos when my soul has learned a major lesson in Albuquerque (too personal to post here).  It was also confirmed that it was Arcturians who first took me in Los Angeles in 1998 (to an underground lab beneath downtown L.A.) where I had the friendly experience, but greys who took me during the horrifying second abduction.  According to one of the channels, I have been taken by Pleiadians also.  That, I totally expected as my ancestry is supposedly Pleiadian.

Like I mentioned above, I couldn’t seem to go into trance for most of the session.  But, towards closing, someone mentioned that Archangel Michael had been in the room most of the time…and that he was waiting patiently for someone.  Then another 1-2 people confirmed they saw him also.  Well, all of a sudden…BOOM…I was gone.  But, this time, the merging of my unseen friends with me went smoother than normal, supposedly because Michael was helping.  Normally, I look a bit “concerning” as I meld with the external spirit(s)…like I’m having a stroke mixed with cerebral palsy, as I gasp to breathe, contort, etc.  But, this was a gentler merging.  I ended up channeling the White Brotherhood, as they called themselves.  They talked for a bit and gave people in the circle individual messages, and then they took questions from the “audience”.  I had promised a friend that I’d video tape the session, but since it wasn’t my meeting and I was the new kid, it didn’t feel appropriate to ask.  I do need to get videotaped one of these times though.  Besides Michael and the White Brotherhood, Metatron was in the room, and Arcturians.  So, the living room was pretty darn full!  The White Brotherhood said they knew Metatron.

It was a lovely evening, and it was SO great to be able to do my REAL work with like-minded souls.  Hopefully this is the start of something great.

In light,

Carrie (Atheria)


6 thoughts on “Archangel Michael and the White Brotherhood…

  1. I definitely would love to join you someday at this circle! I had an experience with Pleiadians once as well. I’ll have to dig up my notes on that experience – as I got their names. Sounds like the others were working more as mediums than trance channels? Glad you found this group – sounds like a perfect circle to further develop, Carrie!

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