Ask, and ye shall receive…

Last Saturday I said to myself, “God I wish I had a weekly channeling group here in Albuquerque like I had in Los Angeles.”  I just really missed getting together with fellow trance channels once a week to practice.  After all, like any other “muscle” if you don’t use a talent, it gets weak/stale.  I was scheduled to attend the once a month Spiritual Lyceum meeting the following day (Sunday, February 9th) but almost didn’t go as I got this urge to drive up to the Coach Outlet Store in Santa Fe and spend money on purses I shouldn’t. 🙂 But, as much as I really wanted to shop, I got this STRONG feeling I needed to go to the meeting.  Sure enough, there was a reason.  At the end of the meeting, this young guy came up to me and said, “Do you know about the group that meets every week at Tech Love to channel?”  My answer was that I’d never heard of it.  Well, sure enough, there is a weekly gathering on Thursday nights at a computer store called Tech Love in the Nob Hill area of Albuquerque.  The group is called “Let’s Channel”!  I immediately contacted them about attending.  It’s not exactly what I thought it was, but it sounds great and I’m looking forward to my first meeting tomorrow night.  They have a weekly speaker, normally…healers, psychics, etc.  But, I was told that every 2-3 months they do a group channeled evening where anyone who can go into trance, does.  Whoop!  Plus, I was told that there ARE some separate groups who meet to practice channeling and that the woman in charge will introduce me to those people tomorrow.  Ask and ye shall receive!

Now, that being said, I’ve asked for help on numerous other things and not gotten it (seemingly…although maybe by not getting help I actually was helped).  Perhaps the whole “Ask and ye shall receive” thing only works if you are on the right path…asking for the right things.  I was told years ago that as much as I wanted to be an actress (I’m stubborn about that one) it wasn’t what I was really supposed to be doing.  It wasn’t my true work.  So, maybe that’s why it was always such a struggle to get anywhere despite my prayers and pleas to God.  I was on the wrong path.  (But like I said…I’m stubborn about the acting thing…ha ha ha)  That is something to ponder.

In Light,



2 thoughts on “Ask, and ye shall receive…

  1. I went to Let’s Channel tonight and am VERY glad I did. Within 2 minutes of sitting down, I could feel my unseen friends anxiously waiting in the wings. Their excitement was palpable…and humorously annoying. They kept trying to come in, and I had to forcefully hold them back telling them that it was inappropriate for them to just take over when there was another presenter tonight. They did mind their manners and pulled back. Well, until this well known channel here in Albuquerque, Betsy-Morgan ( walked into the room, they behaved. Once again they got all excited and were knocking on my head. :-/ Afterwards, I told Betsy what happened and said that my unseen friends must know her unseen friends. 🙂

  2. I was introduced to a great woman who has once a month channeling get-togethers (practice sessions) at her home…”coincidentally” tomorrow night is the get-together for February AND she lives near me. 🙂 I can’t help but feel that something is being plotted “against” me. LOL

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