Nelson Mandela…the Master


Today was the monthly spiritual group’s meeting that I belong to via  This is the group where I’ve gone into unexpected trance before and channeled on occasion.  On Friday I had mentioned to a friend that I hadn’t gone into trance in a while.  “They” must have heard me because toward the very beginning of the meeting my heart started racing and pounding hard and I started shaking.  That meant one of two things:  I’m having a low blood sugar attack or leaving my body to channel.  I quickly checked my sugar and it was great at 112.  Then, BOOM!  The gasping for air, coughing, contorting, and body pin prickling numbness started with my hands clawed up.  Getting to where “they” can actually speak is very hard.  Eventually they came through and apologized for disturbing the meeting. They then talked about some changes coming to the group in 2014, including a change in membership,  but said that those who are meant to be in the group would be led to it.  They then said that in 2014 those of the light would outnumber the dark and the planet would shift.  This was, in part, predicated on the passing of Nelson Mandela.  They (found out later they were the White Brotherhood) said he was with them now and would be even more effective at spreading love and light from the Other Side than he was while in a physical body.  He will continue his work to influence attitudes and minds.  Supposedly, love is going to spread like in the old commercial where “they tell two friends, and they tell two friends,  and so on and so on”.  The White Brotherhood said that Nelson Mandela was/is a Master Teacher like Jesus, Buddha, and Muhammad.  All of this was triggered by a group leader who read an excerpt from a 1994 inaugural speech by Mandela at the beginning of today’s meeting.

When I came out of trance, I was so ticked at myself for not handing the woman next to me my cell phone to FINALLY get my trance work caught on tape!  This session would have been perfect too.  Oh well…maybe next time.

In light,



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