All is better with a whisker…

ImageI had just walked into the bathroom this morning when I saw this BLACK whisker sitting on the floor…quite prominently.  I’m so excited!  Why am I so excited about a cat’s whisker, you ask?  Well, Bleu’s whiskers are 100% white and Chakra’s are 90% white with a few of them having a little black in them.  But Karma, who crossed over to the Other Side on August 24th, had black whiskers!  Bodhi has let me know very clearly that he is still around in spirit, but Karma hasn’t had the overly dramatic appearances.  I just know this was her way of letting me know she’s okay and still around…checking on me, Bleu, and Chakra.  This made my day.  I’ve added the whisker to her memorial space on my fireplace mantel.  I should add that yes, I have vacuumed/cleaned numerous times since her passing and should also mention that the last year of her life, she became obsessed with the bathroom and spent a lot of time in there drinking water from the sink’s faucet, etc.  I am finding it really cool that both Bodhi and Karma have given me PHYSICAL signs.  I’m still in shock about Bodhi taking a treat I had left for him.  I blogged about that previously.

We humans are not the only eternal souls.




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