Channeling – 10/26/2013

At-one-ment.  Most consider the prior word to be atonement…to make amends for wrongs done or perceived to be done.  But we see this as being at one with the moment you find yourself in.  And in that moment, there are choices to be made…paths to take…both right paths and left paths.  By being at one with the moment you are in, you won’t need to atone for wrongs because you will choose correctly when guided by spirit.  You will be guided by spirit because in the NOW, the grand dimension that is pure spirit, you will easily hear the guidance you need to hear and you will be led to correct choices.  We do know how difficult it is for you to be in the moment when there are so many distractions in your current environment, but it is possible.  It will take practice, but you CAN do it.  You may need to remove yourself temporarily from the hustle and bustle of city life…go out into nature…sit with a tree.  This will help you to silence not only the external chatter but also the internal chatter.  We find value in “tree hugging”.  Wrap your arms around a tree and breathe with it.  Feel its life force, feel its soul.  Yes, all living things have soul energy.  There have been studies that show plants can feel pain.  If you need to trim a tree or bush you should send it love and let it know you are making the effort to help it.  Being in the stillness of a forest will help you begin to hear “the still small voice within”.  The better you get at hearing it, the better will be your choices and the less karma you will rack up.  It’s that simple.  At-one-ment.  This moment is all there is.  For there may not be another.  With that, we bid you peace.

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