Remember the old song “Ring my Bell”?

Quite a while ago I was having issues with hearing my doorbell being rung and hearing knocking, and found out it was my Uncle Chuck who died in his early 20s from a car accident in 1976 or 77.  I found out it was him from a medium friend.  He wanted to let me know he was around and was protecting my house.

I’ve not had any occurrences like the above for many months, but tonight while playing with my phone and watching TV I very clearly heard my doorbell ring.  I put the phone down, yelled “Just a minute” (moved a bit slow as I’m having blood sugar issues today) and walked to the front door.  I opened it, and no one was there.  I walked outside and looked around and there was no sign of anyone anywhere.

It’s nice to know Chuck is still keeping an eye on me.  It’s comforting, especially because I live alone.  Trust that your loved ones are also watching over you on the Other Side.


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