My friend’s channeled drawing of Karma crossing over the rainbow bridge today…

My angelic friend, Diane, is a very gifted trance channel.  She lives in CA so is an hour behind me.  Karma passed away about 2:30 p.m. Mountain Time, which would be 1:30 p.m. Pacific.  While in channeling class, and in trance, Diane asked one of her guides (Maggio) and the spirit of her beloved German Shepherd (Ralphie) to try to reach Karma.  Diane is also a gifted artist and drew the b/w picture below.  She emailed me saying:

A beautiful little girl.

While I was drawing in class I asked Maggio & Ralphie to connect with Karma.  The drawing was done approx. 1:45 LA time.  Attached is what I drew (the black & white image) and then I applied some filters in Photoshop.  My feeling at the time was Karma with wings running into spirit and catching up to her dear friend Bodhi and embraced by Spirit (the cat above).

With care,


(Please note that Diane does these drawings in trance with her EYES CLOSED. Here is her explanation of what she does: I’m blended. My eyes are closed and I mostly don’t look at the paper. Sometimes I can “feel” what is being drawn, like eyes, nose, etc. so I peek to make sure the pencil is in the right place for an eye, then close my eyes again and keep drawing. I can feel thru my ring and last finger where the pencil should go/move.)

When I saw these drawings, I burst into tears AGAIN.  What a gift I will treasure forever!  And, that is definitely Bodhi down below…his famous dark bangs and all!

ImageWhat beautiful imagery and it’s fitting.  As Karma’s spirit passed through me, it zoomed up fast toward the ceiling…like she was running.  I saw 2 rainbows tonight as confirmation from Karma and Bodhi (rainbow bridge) and when I logged into Twitter to change my background to a memorial for Karma, I just “happened” to have my eyes land on someone’s name listed as Bo Dhi.  I am convinced that was Bodhi’s way of letting me know he got my pleas to meet Karma on the Other Side to help her cross over.  I just know they are together.  My heart still aches and I don’t know when I’ll stop crying, but Diane gave me the most special gift ever and I will be eternally grateful.

Here is a picture of Karma with Bleu and Chakra last February 22nd.


Carrie (Atheria)


5 thoughts on “My friend’s channeled drawing of Karma crossing over the rainbow bridge today…

  1. That is the most gorgeous gift EVER!!!!! What an Angel Diane is. I knew that was Bodhi at the bottom and have never seen him. This gift from Diane and the Universe should help you to begin the healing process with love, light and belief in the magnificence of Spirit.

  2. Hi Carrie – I’m so sorry to hear about Karma’s passing, especially so soon after Bodhi’s departure. I had to let go of my cat, Sumi, after 20 years, so I have a sense of your loss. The beauty of Spirit communication is the healing that comes from the work of people like your friend, Diane. What a lovely gift for you. I asked my Sumi to send my next companion to me after she got her bearing in the Spirit world, and when I met Jack 8 months later, he absolutely picked me. When I do readings, beloved pets often come through, which is a gift in itself. PS Did you check your “other messages” on Facebook? Send you something last week.

    • Hi Renee. Thank you, and no, I didn’t see a message on Facebook. I will go look. I just wish Karma at 15 and Bodhi at only 13 had lived longer like other people’s cats have lived. 😦 They went down hill too young. 😦 There is no point in expensive food. I hope Karma visits soon like Bodhi did. People are not understanding that Diane did that drawing IN TRANCE WITH HER EYES CLOSED.

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