In Memoriam: Karma 6/15/1998 to 8/24/2013

ImageI lost my 1st baby…my beloved 15 year old Karma today, and am heartbroken.  She was emaciated (although about 6 lbs. instead of the 5 I thought) and was eating less and less, throwing up, and had a bad seizure this morning.  I think she had cancer somewhere since she didn’t have diabetes, thyroid issues, or kidney failure but something was causing dramatic weight loss.  She cried all the time, although it didn’t seem to be a cry of pain.  She didn’t pass away immediately like Bodhi did, and when she finally took her last breath, I felt her spirit vwoosh through me dramatically.  When I looked in her eyes, she was gone.  I just pray I did the right thing.  It’s so hard.  With her passing, a large chunk of my life’s story is over.  She, Bodhi, and I went through a lot together.  And Karma was especially sensitive to me.  If I was depressed or sick, she sensed it and would cling to me.  She loved to touch me and would often reach over just to touch me with her paw.  Chakra went and immediately started sniffing the empty cat carrier.  I hope she is going to be okay.  She still misses Bodhi and was very close to Karma.  My cats are my children.  My cats are my love.  I can’t stop crying.

This picture of her was taken when she was healthy on 5/14/11.  I took some movies and pictures of her today, but I’d rather remember her looking healthy.

Rest in peace my baby…



6 thoughts on “In Memoriam: Karma 6/15/1998 to 8/24/2013

  1. Oh I’m so sorry, your words brought tears to my eyes. I can really feel your pain. It’s desperately hard to lose an animal and it’s clear you really loved Karma. You acted out of love for her and that was the only decision you could have made. I understand the agony of losing an animal and watching them go. You’re in my thoughts and prayers right now.

  2. I understand. Animals love unconditionally, unlike most humans. Their connection is pure and beautiful. I can imagine how hard it is but I’m sure Bodhi was there to greet Karma, I feel sure of it! They shared a love and bond that will draw them together in Spirit, She won’t be alone. I lost a guinea pig a few years ago and I loved her so much, she was special, so I think I know a bit of how you feel. When she died I felt heat pass through me and I believe that was her soul leaving. Your cats will always be around you, bonded by the love you share, for that is eternal and can’t be destroyed by death. I am so sorry for your pain x

    • I just went to update Twitter on Karma’s passing and immediately landed on a tweet by someone who goes by the name Bo Dhi. I am convinced that was a message from Bodhi letting me know he greeted Karma as I asked.

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