If I didn’t believe in spirit attachments before, I think I do now.

ImageI will admit that I’ve never been a huge believer in the whole possession/spirit attachment thing.  Yes, I know about the true story behind “The Entity” and some other cases, but I still had questions in my mind.  That being said, if it walks like a duck and squawks like a duck…it’s probably a duck.  I think the Denver obsession for months truly may have been instigated not by me, but by a spirit I picked up from a now ex-friend.  I never thought about Denver until I met her, and things got more obsessive just days after I’d hung out with her one evening talking for hours.

Now, earlier in July, a gifted medium friend of mine warned me that for a week she’d been picking up I had an unwanted visitor attached to me.  Because I know she’s good, I went and smudged myself that night and DID feel different by the next morning.  The Denver obsession calmed immediately but didn’t go away…and with time…it started to come back stronger again.  At that point I really did just think my TRUE unseen friends had a plan for me and really wanted me to move.  I thought everything was kosher, so-to-speak.

But, on July 30th I did a psychic reading for this wonderful Apache medicine man I’d met days before…and as payment, he offered to do a spiritual cleansing of my house and me.  Sounded good to me, so I took him up on the offer.  As fate would have it, we clearly met for a reason because, seemingly, my house and I were in bad shape.  He lit sage to start the cleansing process and POOF…the sage burned up in 2 seconds (I exaggerate, but not much).  He lit another sprig of sage…same thing.  At that point, he’s got this concerned look on his face and is saying, “Hmmm….this is odd”…not what I wanted to hear!  I asked him what was wrong and he said that one sprig of sage should have lasted throughout the entire spiritual cleansing process of my little 1100 sq. ft. house and he hadn’t even started yet but 2 sprigs were history!  He then tried not to alarm me, but basically said that the energy in my house definitely needed to be cleaned out.  He lit yet another sprig of sage, and finally, this one at least lasted long enough for him to go room to room doing the cleansing ritual.  Then he started the smudging of me and explained that as he waved the smoke towards me with his eagle’s wing fan I was to picture the light of God coming into me, and as he waved the eagle’s wing fan away from me, I was to release anything that shouldn’t be with me.  I think it was on the 2nd swish of the fan away from me that I suddenly and dramatically felt something pull out of my solar plexus area and zoom away from me.  It shocked me and there was no denying something left my body/energy field.  I was like, “Whoa, what was THAT?!”  When he was done with the ritual, he tested things by lighting a fresh sprig of sage on fire to see how fast it burned, and this time, it burned slowly like sage normally does.  That proved the cleansing was effective.

Interesting to note that since that night, suddenly Denver has just kind of fizzled out.  I’ve kind of lost interest.  I still keep getting some Denver and Colorado signs, but I’m not totally obsessed with it like I was.  I truly feel calmer and different.  I was going to drive up for the 4 day Labor Day weekend coming up, but now I’m not even sure I really want to go.  And New Mexico, as annoying and depressing as the man situation here is, once again truly feels like “home”.  There is something about the land here that is just powerful for me.  If I ever want a chance at love, though, I think I need to move somewhere else…but…I also believe that if you are meant to meet someone, God WILL arrange it…even if you live in the Arctic.

It concerns me how I would have sworn it was me determining my interest in Denver, but it may not have been me all along…kind of scary.  There still may be a reason all this Colorado stuff keeps showing up, but I clearly need to do a better job of self protection.  I’m empathic, and that makes it all too easy to accidentally pick up unseen visitors you don’t want to pick up.  Maybe one way to delineate between me genuinely being led to something as opposed to inappropriately being influenced to do something is paying attention to how I feel.  Am I calm or frenetic?  A calm knowing means inner guidance.  Frenetic/obsessive thoughts mean it could be someone else messing with me.  Gotta stay vigilant.

In Light,

Carrie / Atheria


7 thoughts on “If I didn’t believe in spirit attachments before, I think I do now.

  1. I learned the hard way, too, about attachments. I had several removed, that I wasn’t aware of, which were generally benign. I never knew they were there. But then I had an incident where I went in a cemetery and I felt something knock the wind out of my solar plexus area, and later went to the Native American museum here and in the exhibit area felt dizzy & sick (not only is the building on original Native lands, but the exhibits are authentic and re-created using Native methods). My friend later told me an entity had entered me in the cemetery and then the energies in the museum were fighting to get in, too. But the first one was keeping them at bay (which explained my physical symptoms in the museum). I got rid of the new attachment, but what I learned is that attachments can have varying degrees of effect on you…some not so much, others can create health or emotional effects. Definitely something to be aware of. As for the men thing, my relative in ABQ said even the pickings on Match.com were terrible there, so if over-40 dating in ABQ is bad the regular way, don’t get your hopes up with trying the Internet way. But…my philosophy is like yours–that if it’s meant to be, you’ll find each other no matter where you are.

  2. Yeah, they are sneaky. This wasn’t an attachment, but in New Orleans the first time…in the French Quarter…I got physically sick and had to sit on a curb. The energy there was so heavy and dark (awfully violent history) it made me almost pass out.

    My sister’s boss’ female friend moved from Los Angeles to Santa Fe and only lasted a short time because the man situation was so bad. She ran back to California. Trust me, I know how depressing the internet is.

  3. I’m in total agreement about attachments.. I was engaged last June (2012) to a man that I thought was wonderful. I thought I was extremely happy and everything was going to be perfect. In December, 2012, I had this horrible sinking feeling, I felt like a black cloud had come over me and was suffocating me to death. My mother believed in spirits and I have always so I wondered what was going on. I tried to talk to him about it (he was a pastor) but he dismissed it (he doesn’t believe in this). In January, I was woke up by a light turning on (there was NO way anyone could have turned that light on). A week later, I was in a grocery store and a bag of dogfood literally flew off the shelf on one aisle and on the other a can flew off in front of me. Three weeks later, we had a disagreement that I blamed my hormones on. I went to the doctor and found out I had cancer. In March I became cancer free, and found myself single too (he cheated). I thought I’d never find another until this past May I met a man that lives 2000 miles away from me, but I know in my heart is my soulmate. We are now just trying to figure out the next step. Just wanted to share this with you.

    • Diana, congrats on not only finding a new great guy (trust me…I know how hard THAT is) but also beating cancer. I do believe that if we are meant to meet someone, it WILL be arranged. So, you two can figure out how to make actually being together happen since the hard part of actually finding each other is over. 🙂 Thank you, also, for your story of a spirit attachment. It’s concerning. I have tended to be a bit careless about protection, but need to start shielding on a daily basis. There is a lot of stuff flying around out there in the ethers.

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