Wow! Maybe there IS something to this creating your reality stuff!

As some know,  I’ve really not been convinced that we can control everything and create our reality a la “The Secret”.  This has been a bone of contention between some friends and me.  One friend said to me recently that she thinks I’m a powerful creator and that all of these nonstop Denver signs I’m getting are coming from me…that I am drawing Denver because I’m focused on it.  I decided to test her theory,  skeptic that I am, and told myself that instead of maybe moving to Denver, that I am considering moving to Hawaii.  What happened?  A little while later I walk into a Starbucks here in Albuquerque and they are playing Hawaiian music on the sound system!  I’m sorry, but that is NOT common in New Mexico!

Maybe I really did delay that plane in Paris in 1995 when I got lost trying to get to Orly Airport and in my hysterically crying panic kept saying “My plane is an hour late” with intense emotion and sure enough,  the flight was delayed exactly one hour.  I was so upset because it was a once a week special flight and I had used up all my money.



One thought on “Wow! Maybe there IS something to this creating your reality stuff!

  1. Well, I got THREE Hawaii “signs” today. I pulled into Home Depot and looked over at a parked car near me to see that it had Hawaii license plates. Then later I end up behind this car with New Mexico personalized plates that said “BKAHUNA” and when I was getting my coffee in Starbucks, I glanced over to see a CD for sale of Hawaiian music. 😉

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