Maybe now is not the time to leave Albuquerque.

As some of you know, and many are sick of hearing me talk about, I’ve been getting all these Denver signs and have been considering abandoning my life here in Albuquerque to move there.  I’ve been very torn about what to do.  I am bored and restless right now, so moving has been tempting as I am a gypsy at heart.  But, at today’s Spiritual Lyceum monthly meeting, near the end of the meeting my heart started racing big time.  I checked my blood sugar and that was fine…so I knew my unseen friends wanted me to channel today.  I alerted the group leader that I was “leaving” and went into trance quickly.  The ETs who came through gave some personal information to members of the group, and then started talking about the planet.  They warned about another oil disaster and asked for us to send light to the Gulf of Mexico, the Alaskan coast, and the Indian Ocean near India.  They also talked about planting information into scientists’ minds about something they already do on their planet, creating energy from light in a different way than our solar power.  People in the room enjoyed the session and I was asked if it would be okay to tape record it next time…to which I agreed.  This information needs to get out.  Three people in the room were clearly affected by the energy I channeled.  One got a bad headache and neck stiffness.  One was sent into an altered state of meditation.  One said he could clearly feel the energy shift in the room.  In any case, with this group as a way for me to get back into channeling, I feel it would be detrimental to move away right now.  I’d have to start all over and there is no guarantee I’d be able to find another group like this.  This work is too important and I’ve already wasted so many years.  I’m 46 and time is running out.  It’s certainly possible things are to start for me here in Albuquerque and then progress to bigger cities like Denver.  Time will tell.  I am trying to stay open to spirit’s guidance.  If I must relocate, they usually have an aggressive way of getting the point across..and then I’ll have to listen.  For now, the Land of Enchantment is where I need to be.



7 thoughts on “Maybe now is not the time to leave Albuquerque.

  1. Agreed. It seemed to me you were too conflicted.
    I have two mottos: 1) When in doubt, stay out (i.e. if you have ANY shred of doubt, don’t do it—for anything: job, moving, romance, making a big purchase, etc).
    2) Take action only when the time, the people and the money all come together effortlessly.
    So whenever I have a situation like yours, and it’s nagging at me because I *know* there is some significance, I check my mottos before I make any important decisions, and wait until the answers are clearly revealed (or until my current choice nullifies the other potential).

    I love the idea of making energy from light because I am sick of the controversies that arise in my communities when some big company comes in and wants to install wind turbines or new natural gas pipelines, and the ones benefiting the most are the companies, not the population. Kryon’s been saying for years our energy solutions are SO simple, and yet in the name of “reducing our carbon footprint” we still wreck our environment with our other “technologies.”

    Do you know which ET group came through?

  2. Thank you, Cheryl! That is great advice. When I lived in Albuquerque from 12/2005 – 6/2006 and was debating whether or not to give up on New Mexico and move back to Los Angeles…I was SO conflicted. Nothing felt right! A few days after getting back to Los Angeles (which proved to be a mistake…although everything happens for a reason and some things DID need to transpire that happened because I went back) I got a call from a TV producer in ABQ who, assuming I still lived there, offered me a job working on a show shot here in NM sight unseen for 6 months! I had to turn it down! I was so upset. If I had waited one more week and not been impatient with the job situation I had in ABQ, I could have not only stayed in NM but could have been working on a hit show. Ugh! When I was living in Portland, OR in 2009 and things were not going well, a job back here in ABQ showed up and practically fell in my lap. And, as much as I had made important friends in Oregon, there was no question that I needed to move back to New Mexico. It just felt right and everything fell into place. None of this Denver back and forth stuff I’ve been dealing with. I must remember, that when a decision is right…I’ll know it is right 100%.

    This time I’m not sure who came through. Because of something that transpired earlier in the meeting, I am suspecting it was my Pleiadian friends this time, and not the Arcturians…but the speech pattern/accent was very similar to last time. And yes, I wish they’d given more info on the method used to create power from light that is way better than our current solar options. I got the vibe they felt explaining it to a room full of non-physicists would be a waste. LOL!

  3. Yes, I have learned that, too, that feeling that 100% positive excitement means the decision is a Go!
    You had written about establishing a symbol with your guide to confirm who was coming to you, so I wonder if the ET’s will do the same for you, so you can remember who you channelled.
    I am so curious if they are referring to power methods that Tesla already discovered, which have been (purposely) buried by Those Who Shall Not Be Named (probably because there’s not much profit in it–it’s too simple). Remember, Tesla powered a bank of lightbulbs and motor from 26 miles away by transmitting electricity wirelessly using the vibrational frequency of Earth. And remember, he did this in Colorado Springs! With all the upgrades to Earth’s resonance right now, I can only imagine the possibilities.
    However, if the ET’s are referring to something new, like fracturing light beams and generating power from that, or something else that only a physicist would understand, then that sounds exciting too. You basically take free energy and create more free energy from it without changing the environment!

    • I don’t know much about Tesla but that sounds interesting, and yet another Colorado connection. Well, normally, the ETs will simply say who they are, but you bring up a valid idea.

  4. I don’t believe this. Driving home, as I’m thinking, “I do need to stay in Albuquerque” I looked over at the car next to me to see a DENVER BRONCOS sticker on the back window! Then, I get home and flip on the TV to Jeopardy! (which I don’t get to watch often) just before a contestant answers correctly with “What is Denver?”!!! What is going on?!?! Coincidentally, a couple of questions later, “What is Albuquerque?” was the answer too. Maybe I’m supposed to live in both cities?

    • That Jeopardy incident–too weird!
      Did you ever get validation of the action of *living* in CO, vs. just needing to serve an audience there? Or maybe there is a teacher there for you, but only a short-term thing. I suppose, unless you’ve gotten a message otherwise, that there are many potentials as to what Denver means to your future. (Maybe you’ll meet a guy with the last name Denver!)

      • No, I have not gotten clarity yet and it’s driving me batty! I do kind of feel in my gut that I’m not supposed to leave Albuquerque though…at least not yet. I do love my little house here too! It could be that there is a teacher there for me, a love interest, or that I will do some work up there. I did send out an inquiry email last night.

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