Well HELLO THERE, Ramesh!

I just met a new guide! Well, I’m not sure Ramesh is "new" as I’ve always been drawn to India and have had this subtle nudging for months to learn more about Hinduism. Anyway, he just introduced himself and I LOVE the meaning of his name: "preserver" or "the one who saves from danger". A spirit guide who can save you from danger is a good guide to have! He gave me a symbol that he will use to let me know it’s really him from now on, which is what guides are supposed to do. I can’t tell you what it is though. I got in trouble for doing that before by one of my Spiritualist teachers. 🙂

Except Bleu, the new cat child, all my cats have had Eastern themed names: Karma, Bodhi, and Chakra — I bet you Ramesh had a hand in that. The names were always "given" to the cats by some sign or another.

Other good news is that since I smudged myself last night and in very blunt language banished the not-of-the-light entity that had attached to my aura, I am feeling much better. The frantic confusion I was feeling for a week or so is gone. I feel like me again. Granted, I CAN be indecisive/confused, but that was a whole other level of frenetic thoughts.

Blessed be,

P.S. Though now maybe I should sign off with "Namaste". 🙂

One thought on “Well HELLO THERE, Ramesh!

  1. I have come to the conclusion because of “coincidences” that Ramesh may be from Nepal and not India as I’d first assumed. I didn’t know that Nepal had a huge Hindu population. I had assumed that most Nepalese were Buddhist…WRONG. I’m not totally positive, but since I think I had a past life in Nepal and know I’ve had past lives in Tibet, that he is from Nepal after what happened yesterday. I’m sure he’ll make it clear. 🙂

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