A Ganesh in the hand is worth more than a trickster spirit…

ImageSo the good news is that I’m not going crazy.  The bad news is that my very gifted friend just told me that she has been picking up for the past week that a spirit…not of the highest order…has been messing with me and causing the horrible confusion I’ve been dealing with regarding whether or not I am supposed to abandon my life in Albuquerque to move to Denver.  Teresa said that a trickster spirit is pretending to be one of my guides.  Great…just fabulous.  At least that explains the back and forth I’ve been dealing with like I’m being pulled to and fro…the horrible confusion and lack of clarity.  One minute I think I have to stay put here in Albuquerque.  The next minute I’m ready to call a realtor to put my house on the market because I must move to Denver and move like NOW.

So if this is true, and I do trust Teresa’s gift, that means I can’t trust anything I get right now.  Ugh!  Somehow I need to get clear and centered so I can better tell who I’m talking to “out there”.  That isn’t real easy.  This is the hard part about being mediumistic.  Your work is so ephemeral.  It’s not like I can just ask to see a spirit’s Yale diploma.

On another note, pictured above is a little Ganesh I got this sudden urge to buy at Spirit Ways in Denver when I was there on Friday.  I had been looking for a tiny Buddha to put on my desk at work, but they didn’t have any…and this cute little Ganesh called to me.  I’ve always been drawn to Ganesh, actually, and heck, I sure could use some obstacles removed right now!  Well, talking to a friend at work today, she casually mentioned that yesterday she got this impulse to take a picture of a Ganesh she and her boyfriend have at home and send it to me.  She didn’t send it, but she meant to.  So there is obviously some significance to Ganesh right now.  I need to learn more about him.  Perhaps I have a new Eastern Indian guide showing up?  I don’t know.  It could be anything.  I will say that I started having a sudden interest in learning more about Hinduism a few months ago since I really don’t know much about that religion other than that it does teach reincarnation and that most Hindus are vegetarian.  Hmmm….

Learning to be more careful,



37 thoughts on “A Ganesh in the hand is worth more than a trickster spirit…

  1. I know where the dark/trickster entity came from! The timing is perfect, after I hung out with someone known to have attachment issues in the past! And it just so happens she has a love of Denver! I am sending the being back to her, or better yet, into the light. Now I know why I felt so drained after leaving her place a week and a half ago.

  2. that’s funny because when i lived in ABQ i always struggle with the thought of , should i move back to denver. lol. actually, im now in LA and the thought still crosses my mind…its weird. wondering whats happening…but just trying to stay calm. I feel like my family pulls on me in denver, maybe i need to do something spiritaully like disconnect from the un healthy energy, not them but the vibes. U dont know…lol. its funny i just came across this blog searching for trickster energies. what happened with your decision??

    • Hi Arya. Right now I’m stuck in Albuquerque and miserable, but doors have not been opening anywhere. I’m considering going back to Los Angeles because I miss the entertainment industry so much. But, Denver/Boulder is still in my mind. I am concerned about the much colder winters though… and snow. I’m a weather wuss! I just need a whole new life, including work I like and more opportunities in all areas of life.

      • I know a gal in Boulder, maybe i can ask her if she knows of any jobs or affordable renting situations. LA is weird right now although there is a little spiritual group of us who get together once a month. It’s nice to have that support. What kind of work do you or can you do? If i hear of anyone needing someone to rent or of a job in either place, i’ll think of you!! 🙂

      • Boulder is so fabulous. Thank you, I appreciate the offer. I do administrative/executive assistant work. I’ve also been an office coordinator. I currently make $22.17/hour plus bonus but would need more money in CO as the cost of living is noticeably higher than NM’s. My gut doesn’t feel good about going back to insane L.A., but I do miss glamorous/exciting entertainment work. I felt like I was being bombarded by millions of people’s energetic junk when there. And I really need access to nature, which I didn’t have in the concrete jungle of L.A.

      • totally understand the gunk of peoples stuff. i get it…lol. i do massage but i have a nice garden here so you can imagine…im out there ALL the time. 🙂

      • Jennifer Mason is the girl in Boulder. She is on face book. Ill find you on fb too! I always wanted to move to boulder…i love boulder. Hope it works out for you wherever you go. Blessing, may Ganesh pave the way for YOU!!! 🙂

      • I actually quit crappy Facebook at the end of March after one too many jerks and hassles. Not sure if I’ll ever rejoin. I do use Instagram though under “atheria444”.

      • When I was in Boulder last summer and got chatting with some locals, they overwhelmingly said that as a psychic medium, trance channel, and vegan… I’d totally fit in there. 😀

      • Years ago, while just visiting NM, a holistic doctor who was muscle testing me told me that my body said it was nature deficient. The weird thing was that for months before that visit, while living in West Hollywood I kept verbalizing that I felt starved for nature!

      • that is so cool. wow. id love to hear more. Yeah nature is like my life right now….all i do is garden lately. I cant help it i feel better

      • I totally get that. I have some serious soul searching to do. I did have the thought pop into my head that it’s my ego that needs a big, exciting city…but my soul needs a calmer place with more nature. I also need fulfilling work. Where I work right now is very soul/life force sucking. In grateful for a job, but it’s killing me.

      • 😦 what do you do right now? Yeah, ha ha facebook….crazy. if only all my friends would join instagram instead 🙂

      • What do I do in terms of what? Facebook’s con’s way outweigh the pros. It’s such a time waster too. If I rejoin, I’ll never be on it all the time like I used to be and I need to delete a lot of people.

  3. check out autobiography of a yogi by paramahansa yogananda. great read if your interested in spirituality and all that. maybe you have already read?

  4. My Guru calls LA the Razmataz town! lol 🙂 ha ha….i think my ego got me here and now i wanna GO!! I dont mind being in CA in a different city but for now, my school is right across the street and i have a good job and a garden so i dont know what to do sometimes….seems i have some soul searching to do also!!!

    • Well, it sounds like you’re in a good situation right now. Wait to make changes when you are done with school. I love the Bay Area and Santa Barbara but both are too insanely expensive. 😕

      • If you make friends with the Thai community here, they are so sweet, accomodating and VERY healoful Call the thai temples, see if anyone has a room for you to stay in while looking for a job!

      • Well, my sister is still in L.A., although she lives with her long term boyfriend now and his daughter. I’m not sure she’d be thrilled about me staying with them. I’d feel odd asking strangers to help me out. I also need to be SURE I even wanted to live in L.A. again. Right now I’m not 100% sure. I left twice for good reasons. What’s so scary is the lack of high paying jobs everywhere. I’m blessed to make good money in a low cost of living city.

      • Hm, yeh. gotta way the options. I know, i have a good job and good rent from a friend which is why i feel torn also…

    • Right now I’m not totally sure about where though. And I can’t move anywhere in this bad job market without a job. I feel really stuck and hate it. 😢

      • I totally understand how you feel!!! I lost my job like 5 times when in ABQ. I felt so stuck there too. when i moved to LA my job situation got a lot better!! Although, energy wise…its weird here at the moment. maybe you can help though!

      • but…i feel i just have the traveling bug and need to stop letting fear make my choices and just trust God and spirit and plant my roots and bear fruit! 🙂

    • I just had to reactivate Facebook in order to look for people I only know how to contact via it. Until I can change my name again, I’m listed as Carrie Jane Ryan a.k.a. Atheria.

  5. Thanks for the advice on finishing school. its just hard in LA. I feel like why cant i just move outside of LA. there was a lady on the loose with a gun earlier near here….hate the feelings i get. Today was a bad empathy day as well as mixed with my own stuff….very emotional. need grounding. I trust God though, not afraid!

    • Well, since you have a convenient school situation it’s probably worth dealing with your environment for now. But, if it gets that bad, there’s always the option of transferring to another school in another city/state.

      • yeah, i actually cant get into school yet but my boyfriend is in school and has another year so trying to stick it out. by weird i mean, on my street there are a lot of homeless people (which i do not say in a mean way) but they are abusing the system very bad and usually are drunk and doing very provocative things outside! It’s gotten better since we had a neighborhood meeting recently. There is a charity right across the street which is great for people who are not abusing the system.

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