Synchronicity as spirit messages…

I’m in my beloved Taos, NM right now…a place that first called me to it in 1998 when I was living in Los Angeles. Back in the summer of 1998, all of a sudden, this word…TAOS…kept appearing everywhere I went. I didn’t even know what the heck a Taos was! I’d get stuck in traffic and look over to see that I was in front of the Taos Trading Co. Or I’d be in Trader Joe’s and look over to see a guy wearing a Taos Ski Valley t-shirt. It got so bad, while leaving the Bodhi Tree Bookstore something stopped me dead in my tracks and forced me to look down at my feet on Melrose Ave. Guess what was engraved in the sidewalk? Yep…Taos! The final straw was when I astral traveled to Taos. So, I finally got in my car and drove to Taos in August of 1998 and spent a week that changed my life forever. (I’ll blog about something that happened later.) Anyway, the first time I saw Taos (you go around a series of mountain curves and then suddenly Taos shows up like Shangri La) I burst into tears and could not stop crying. I was overwhelmed with emotion. And, it was exactly as I had seen via astral traveling.

Anyway, while talking to this woman at The Abominable Snowmansion in Arroyo Seco (great hostel) this morning, something “interesting” happened. She had been living in Wyoming and just moved near Taos on impulse…quit a good job working for the State of Wyoming, and has no job lined up but she knows she is meant to be here. She had been “called” to Sedona, AZ, where she had some magical experiences (common there) and stopped off in Taos on the way back to Wyoming to see a friend…and fell in love. Taos does that to people. We had just talked about how due to a “slip of the tongue” she said to someone who asked where she was (they knew she was traveling) that she was home. We both acknowledged how that was her soul speaking…..her soul knew Taos was HOME. Well, I then walked back inside the Snowmansion and was saying goodbye to people (you meet such cool people in hostels) and almost immediately, this lady said to me, “Welcome home” in response to me telling her that I had first stayed at the Snowmansion in 1998. That simple “Welcome home” really hit me due to the timing. I really think Albuquerque isn’t where I’m meant to be….that I need to be in Taos. But, then I think how I own a house and it’s not easy to sell right now…and how I have a good job and they are not easy to come by, especially at my age, etc. All the stupid left-brained things take over instead of allowing myself to be called….to trust my heart and soul. I have some thinking to do.

Later, actually where I am right now, at The Coffee Spot here in Taos, I got talking to this young gal who just moved to Taos on total impulse from Austin, TX. And she was saying how she has no idea how she’s even going to pay her rent next month but she just knows she is meant to be here and is not worried. I don’t think THAT conversation was just a “coincidence” either! But God it’s scary trusting spirit! Following spiritual guidance is NOT for the meek of heart. It takes courage and fearlessness. But, it IS what we all should do.

Here is a photo of me today in the Taos Ski Valley…..where I feel happy.
Pay attention to synchronicity, coincidences, etc. They are our friends on the Other Side’s way of talking to us.

In Light,
Atheria / Carrie


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