Traveling with unseen friends…

Weeks ago, a psychic friend of mine told me that my grandfather and uncle would be coming along with me on the numerous summer trips I would be taking. I had already gone to Durango, CO where I thought I sensed them and had planned, but not told anyone, on taking many short weekend trips this summer. Today I headed out from my home in Albuquerque, NM to my beloved, magickal (the “k” is intentional and not a typo) Taos, NM for a quick 2 day trip. While on the 25 north of Espanola, I sensed my grandfather with me and it was reassuring.

I am a photo junkie and take truckloads of pictures when I travel. Thank God for digital cameras! πŸ™‚ While taking pictures at the cool Mabel Dodge Luhan house, a VERY vivid orb showed up on me and my first feeling was that it was Grandpa Slovik saying hello. A friend, who saw the picture on Facebook, immediately said, “It’s your grandpa!” πŸ™‚


Knowing that I’m being watched over brings me so much peace. And, it gives me someone to talk to. I do think that Grandpa Slovik and Uncle Chuckie would have loved Taos. Although they never saw it in “life”…at least they are getting to experience it now through me. They are wonderful travel mates.



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