Ghost Radar is fun until you get DANGER!

ImageI was in my den this morning trying to activate a glycemic index app when I accidentally hit Ghost Radar and activated it.  I turned it off but got this funny feeling it wasn’t an “accident”.  So, I turned the Ghost Radar app back on.  Immediately a spirit showed up in the room.  Then there were two and three.  It kept fluctuating between one and three at various levels of proximity to me.  I walked around the house but only the den had spirit activity.  My phone soon said “information”.  I would ask the phone…well, not really the phone…whoever was in the room for more details about each word that came up trying to understand the message.  In regular succession I got:  information – forty – opposite – needed – still – valuable – automobile – appearance – between – DANGER!  What?!  DANGER?!  I asked the ghost/spirit to elaborate and it stopped speaking words until I gave up and turned the app off.  Now, up until the DANGER point, I was feeling pretty good about it.  I chose to translate some of the words to mean that my 40s I’m still needed and valuable and that my appearance is still good and I should take another car trip.  LOL!  Getting DANGER threw a wrench into the works.  I was especially creeped out when the phone refused to say anymore!  It had been talking like a chatty woman up to that point. 😉

Now, you could poo-poo Ghost Radar as just a game and that the words are just random, but I’ve heard some really great stories about it from people.  One gal had it activated on her Blackberry when it said “father medicine”.  She rushed over to her elderly father’s house to find him not well because he hadn’t taken his medicine like he was supposed to.  Now THAT you can’t just write off as coincidence.  It’s a fact that ghosts/spirits can communicate more easily with us via electronics, so why not use an app on an Android, Blackberry, or iPhone?  Makes sense to me.

Needless to say, I’m going to be cautious for a while.

In light,

Atheria (Atheria keeps sneaking back in lately.) a.k.a. Carrie


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