I’m leaving now…

While fighting with my swamp cooler on my roof earlier today, I thought I felt the presence of unseen friends in preparation for today’s Spiritual Lyceum meeting.  Today was to be the first time in a very long time that I was going to purposely try to go into trance to channel.  Later, during the meeting I could feel them knocking on my head so-to-speak, but I was a bit nervous about whether I could do it or not.  What can I say?  I’m insecure and channeling is so darn ephemeral!  🙂

Anyway, thankfully my Arcturian friends came through and spoke for a few minutes.  Their entry into my energy field was more gentle than last time and they apologized for the rough entrance in March.  I don’t remember everything they said, well, since I was rather gone…but I do recall them stressing that they are not better than us.  They said they are not more advanced.  It’s just that they have gone down different paths than humans and have learned different things.  They said we humans could teach them some things and that we should learn from each other.  They also mentioned horses and said that similar to dolphins they are am evolved species and that we could learn from them about love and survival.

After today’s session, William is going to allow time for me to channel each month if I feel up to it and if someone in spirit wants to show up.  Right now I seem to be getting lots of extraterrestrials, but I have channeled Sitting Bull and Quetzalcoatl in the past.

I really wish we could videotape my sessions so I can witness what happens.  As I say “I’m leaving now” I end up missing out!  Oh well, there are worse things to be upset about.  😉



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