I channel therefore I am…

Well, I know what my true work is. I’m meant to be a trance channel and not a regular psychic medium. Although I do enjoy giving out random messages from spirit when someone on the Other Side shows up out-of-the-blue, full-blown readings actually stress me out. It’s so much responsibility. I want so badly to do a good job and give the client what he/she is looking for that it becomes stressful for me. But when I’m in trance and channeling, it’s not me talking, so the pressure is off me. It’s less stressful. Well, depending on how dramatically my physical body is affected…which can sometimes be very concerning for those who’ve witnessed it…maybe it’s not less stressful. But it’s a different type of stress. And yes, I need to get my Unseen Friends to pull back on their energy a bit since I’m small!

When I started to suddenly go into trance on Monday night during the online Spiritualist Church service, and had to hold them (Arcturians in that case) back, I started feeling that after 5 years of me not doing any channeling they were chomping at the bit and using any opportunity they could to work through me. I talked to William today, the man who runs the Spiritual Lyceum group where I went into trance unexpectedly on the 10th, and he said that what he is intuiting is that “they” are very eager to work with me. He mentioned the possibility of having me channel, if I can, at each monthly meeting. I have to be with other people or my spirit gatekeeper(s) block me from being able to go into trance. I guess they consider it to be dangerous alone. I can do relay written channeling alone, but in that case, I’m not totally out of control of my body. He also very kindly offered up himself and his partner if I would be interested in trying to channel outside the MeetUp group. I will probably take him up on the offer. I feel I need to buckle down and get to work.

It’s interesting that all of this is happening now. I was told by an astrologer in early February 2012 that on March 25, 2013 “your old life is going to fall away as you are moved into your true work…spiritual work”. I’m very close to beginning a whole new astrological cycle. I’m ready for a new cycle, believe me. Being a trance channel a la Jane Roberts (Seth) also fits what two intuitives have described as my future in the past couple of weeks. Time will tell…


Carrie (Atheria)


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