And now we welcome our friends, the Arcturians!

I just tweeted, “Holy shit, Batman! I just trance channeled for the first time in 5 years…Arcturians!” That shows you that I’m a bit excited at the moment.  Boy, yesterday’s pineal gland activation must have worked (see prior blog). Next month, it’ll be 5 years since I left Los Angeles to move to Portland, and it was in L.A. that I attended a weekly gathering where my friends and I would go into trance and channel to keep in practice. I never had an outlet in Portland or Albuquerque to channel…until today.

While at today’s Spiritual Lyceum monthly meeting, another member was talking about some very concerning dreams she has been having involving scenes of humans being locked up and such by the dark side…dreams of many people being imprisoned, etc. Well, all of a sudden BAM! I knew I was leaving control of my body as some unseen friends came into me and took me over. It caught me off guard because it’s been so long. I think they took today’s meeting as a rare opportunity to pop in. You see, I cannot go into full trance when alone…I’ve tried. I can do partial trance and write, but not full trance. My gatekeeper protects me and feels it’s too dangerous or something, so it only happens when I’m with other like-minded and positive vibrationed people. Today, I was with 9 other lovely souls.

Now, if you’ve never seen me go into trance, it can be rather concerning. My mother and father are still recovering from a little episode many years ago. LOL! Actually, as someone pointed out afterward, I really do need to take back more control and get my unseen friends to understand that they need to be more gentle with me…that they need to lower their vibration down more. I’m like a 60 watt bulb with 1000 watts of energy coming in. It’s hard on me physically. I gasp, I writhe, I contort, my hands claw up and shake, my body goes pin-prickly numb, I twitch, etc. Normally I get very tired and need to sleep for hours, but I actually felt energized by today’s event.

Anyway, I certainly don’t remember much of what they said since I was mostly out of my body, but they came in with urgency. They were Arcturians, by the way. At first I assumed Pleiadians, but nope, they made it clear they were Arcturians. They wanted to point out that what the other member had said about her dreams and her warnings that there were people in the government and other secret organizations that were out to take over the world were true. The Arcturians pointed out that we are in real danger, but that light always defeats dark and that if we of the light band together…and if groups like the Spiritual Lyceum keep growing, we can change the course of the dark beings’ plans. They stressed love and mentioned that rose quartz is very powerful and we need to keep as much of it around us as possible. They said that some dark beings have an underground, spider-like network. I wish I could remember more of what they said. The extra interesting thing is that the woman who had been talking about her dreams is a medium and she had been told that “something is going to happen at today’s meeting” before the meeting started.

In early February 2012 I had a thorough astrological reading done, both my natal chart and a forecast chart. The astrologer told me that on March 25, 2013 my old life was going to fall away…that a major cycle was ending and the 25th of this month would be the start of a whole new life, a life where my spiritual work took over. I have to admit, the increasing psychic flashes I’ve been having lately, extra vivid astral events/dreams, seeing a ghost last night, and then today’s trance channeling extraterrestrials is starting to make me believe she is going to be proven right. All I know is that I am more than ready to do more important work in the world. Time is of the essence.

In light,
Atheria / Carrie…just had to put Atheria before Carrie this time. 

10 thoughts on “And now we welcome our friends, the Arcturians!

  1. Wowza! I guess the other people in the group figured out what was happening to you pretty quickly. What a great supportive place to have that happen. It’s not a great visual, to hear words like “contort” and “writhe” and “hands claw up” but…if I remember correctly, the lady who channeled in that book “Seth Speaks” kind of had the same odd movements. Seems like the Dark is scrambling hard to make one last-ditch effort. HA!

  2. Atheria, By the way, I feel that the name suits your frequency perfectly!!!! A beautiful name for a beautiful Spirit.   Very good and interesting message and topic. I have heard of these proposed imprisionments of people for a while now and the Lightworkers will win! Also wanted to share that a very fine spiritual medium told me that I was from Arcturius. That was my home Star System. You should google the traits and history of the Arcturius people, which is channeled information.. Very interesting. Another good book I have is ‘We the Arcturians’. Great wisdom and knowledge!   Very proud of you and I feel that you needed the toning to open up your chakras for the trance channeling to occur. Let’s just say it gave you a “jump start”!   Love you, Sher

    • How did my reply remind you of the double triangle with halo over it? I talked to the group leader from yesterday today, William, and he said that he felt the huge, prickly energy enter the room just before I went under. He also said that my face changed a bit when in trance. I asked what I looked like, and he said it was hard to describe but that my features and energy became rather angelic. Wow! He mentioned how my eyes changed, and I said, “My eyes changed? My eyes were closed the whole time.” To which he replied, “No they weren’t. At one point they were wide open and you were looking around the room!” All I saw was BLACK the whole time!! I’m really shocked.

      • In your reply to Sherye you said there was a rumor about the mothership that sits over the mountain, and your dolphin symbol was that oval over the the triangle. Like a ship over a mountain.
        It definitely would have been cool to get your trance on video!

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    • I love free things. 🙂 I used to have a regular website hosted on GoDaddy but I get much more attention and many more hits on WordPress. Switching to WordPress was a great decision.


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