Albert’s Signals

On Saturday or Sunday as I sat at my desk surfing the Internet with my laptop, my right (clairaudient) ear suddenly developed strong and annoying pressure in it as what happens when spirit is messing with my ear and trying to get my attention. I said out loud, “Who’s there?” I got an immediate, “Albert”. The only person I could think of was my Uncle Albert who passed away MANY years ago, but something in my gut felt it wasn’t him. I wondered on and off during the day, mentioned it on my Facebook page and let it go.

The weekend before, I had gotten a few books to read from the library, and one of them I was very drawn to, “Signals: An Inspiring Story of Life after Life” by Joel Rothschild about he and his friend’s agreement to try to contact each other from the Other Side (they both had AIDS). For whatever reason, I opted to read other books first and the book sat on my car’s passenger seat for over a week until while at work today (didn’t have anything to do) something urged me to put down “The Seat of the Soul” by Gary Zukav and start reading “Signals”. I truly felt URGED to pick up the book.

As I started to read Neale Donald Walsch’s forward, I gasped. He tells how he was in Florence, Italy and had been toting this book around through various countries when all of a sudden he felt URGED to read the book so strongly he held off doing all the typical Florence touristy things and couldn’t put the book down once he started it. That caught my attention a little, but what what really got my attention was when he said, “Bridges are the most important part of our life. I think Albert might have sent me that thought. Who is Albert? Ah, that is something for you to find out, right here, in this remarkable book.”

I know the Albert who played with my ear this weekend is the same Albert who died on June 1, 1994…the same Albert who “Signals” is about…the same Albert who let his beloved friend, Joel, know in no uncertain terms that we are indeed eternal souls who live on after we shed the clothing that is our body.

The bridge comment was also important for me because many years ago after my life changed in 1996, I had a dream (well…it wasn’t really a dream) that famous medium James Van Praagh was in where he told me, “You are a bridge for spirit.” I have used the word “bridge” in email addresses and website addresses ever since, as you can tell from this address here:

Right now I am starting to read page 89 of the little book, and love it. It’s beautiful.

Blessed be,



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