Bodhi visited me in a “dream”!

Ever since I lost my sweet Bodhi in September I have hoped he would come to me in a dream. Granted, he visited the house in spirit shortly after passing and then again on my birthday in October, but I’ve not felt him around in a long time and it made me sad. Last night as I lay in bed I affirmed that I wanted to astral travel and clearly remember it. I then did some basic exercises with my breath and focusing on expanding my astral body. I fell asleep before I could get anything dramatic to happen, but I now suspect I did leave my body during the night. At one point I saw Bodhi and he jumped into my lap like he often did when I was at the computer. I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him as much as I could…enjoying the feel of his plump body and thick, soft fur. Then he jumped down onto the floor and, I think…it’s foggy now, morphed into one of my cats that is still alive, Chakra. Chakra and Bodhi were best friends, so that made sense. That brief interaction brought me some peace. I miss him so, but know I’ll be with him again someday. As I am very worried I might lose Karma soon, I pray he greets her on the Other Side when it is her time.



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