Leonard & Von

On Sunday while I was in the kitchen puttering around, I got the infamous pressure shift in my right clairaudient ear along with a bit of an EEEEEE ringing sound, which happens when someone in spirit is trying to get my attention. So I asked, “Who’s there?” I assumed I’d get some name I’m familiar with, but heard an unfamiliar “Leonard.” No further explanation as to who he was, just “Leonard.” Later in the day I was driving home from some errand and Leonard came into my head (meaning he was hanging around) so I asked, “Leonard, why did you come to me?” To which he bluntly replied, “Because you are there.” Leonard, my new friend, is a bit of a smart ass. 🙂

I was able to confirm for a coworker/friend today that her recently departed Native American friend named Von is indeed alive and well on the Other Side. Sy stopped by my office to find out if there was a verdict on 2 very mysterious photographs she took of a fireplace shortly after Von passed away. In the pictures, there is a fire going inside the large fireplace but “oddly” although flames did not escape the inside of the fireplace in live time…when she developed the pictures, flames are shown as shooting outside the fireplace and go almost up to the ceiling! I think I can see a face in the flames way up high too. Anyway, she was having some photo experts at work look at them to see if there is a logical explanation for what happened or if it was indeed Von’s way of saying HELLO. (The last I heard the guys could not explain the pictures but are awaiting higher rez copies.) I should also mention that next to the fireplace was Von’s walking stick that has special meaning. What I think is lovely is that the night she “died” she was simply sitting in a chair with family and friends around when she suddenly and calmly said, “Would someone please open the door?” Someone got up and opened the door and she passed away on the spot. Sy said that her father had said the exact same thing just before he passed away.

While Sy and I were talking (waiting for the guys to finish looking at the pictures) I said to Sy that there was no doubt in my mind the flames were Von signaling from the Other Side. The moment I said that, WHAMMO, Von showed up and hit me with massive tingling along my whole right side. Then Sy also started tingling. I then was able to describe Von’s laugh and her large persona and that she loved music. Sy asked me what instrument and I immediately saw a Native American flute and said, “The flute.” Sy’s face lit up with joy and she knuckle bumped me saying, “That’s what I’ve been waiting for! That is the sign from her I’ve been waiting for! A flute!” I went on to tell her that Von was greeted immediately on the other side by a man with rugged face and dark hair who looked to be in his 60s and that she was with a medium sized brown dog with slightly long hair. Sy couldn’t validate the dog but will check. I love little moments like today when I can make someone’s day. 🙂 Sometimes I wonder if my life is of value at all, but moments like this let me know that I am here for a reason.



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