Channeled Session 1-21-2013: Guns & Priorities

Let us address the currently hot topic of weapons, or as you humans call them “guns”. It saddens us that so many needless deaths have occurred on your planet not only at the hands of crazed young people but also in the name of war. Although everyone who died seemingly senselessly had written their deaths into their charts before they incarnated, it still pains us to watch all of this play out because free will is still the rule. The shooters could have chosen other paths. They could have mitigated their charts’ predetermined lessons to grow in another way but opted not to. We are here to say that although it would be preferable that tools to kill and maim didn’t exist, we are pragmatic enough to know that the shooter is the problem…not the tool he chooses to use. Too many humans are currently experiencing a dark night of the soul. Do you not see that people are dying INSIDE? It’s the internal deaths that are causing the external deaths. You MUST return to your essence if you want your world to have any kind of decent quality of life for all. It is imperative. Enough with the distractions of electronics and television. Enough with the cold impersonal virtual world so many of you “live” in. Get outside your self imposed bubbles and hug your neighbor. Touch is so important yet it’s become taboo. The soul dies without touch. A hug can quite literally save someone’s life. Focusing on gun control, although to a degree it does need to be looked into, is putting all your energy into the less effective cure. People’s souls need tending to. People need to be SEEN. Too many are the walking invisible and that invisibility starves them to the point where they lash out. Tend to your brethren. You have no better option at this point in time. We know of which we speak for we have been there. We want the best for you and this planet Earth. But we are scared for you at this time. We mourn now for what could have been. It isn’t too late…but soon it will be if nothing is done and priorities aren’t shifted. In this we bid you peace.


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