A names, Lemuria, and Pleiadians…


I’m starting to notice that all of us who are given spiritual names and have connections to Lemuria and Pleiadians…the names all begin with A.  I was given Atheria.  I know of an Asheria, an A’keara, I’m forgetting my other friend’s A name that she used briefly…darn it…and then the Pleiadian who came through a Ouija Board back in 2002 was Alora.  And while surfing around the Net over the years, I’ve stumbled upon other unique A names that people use who are connected.  Now I’m curious as to why that is?  I had at least one past life on Lemuria (Mu) and supposedly my ancestry is Pleiadian.  That would explain the hysterical crying due to homesickness that engulfed me years ago when Eric Pearl was doing a healing session on me and I left my body and was plopped out into the middle of the universe somewhere.  Beings were standing behind me and they showed me a star cluster millions of light years away and told me those stars were my real home.  They said they knew I didn’t like it on Earth but that I had work to do, and when I was done, I’d be brought back home.  I’m telling you, that feeling of homesickness was so awful I can’t properly explain it in words.  It was homesickness at a soul level.

Does anyone have an idea about why the A names?

Carrie a.k.a. Atheria


64 thoughts on “A names, Lemuria, and Pleiadians…

  1. Atheria I am making a search on lemuria… And I would like you to upload any sympol you now that it was been used at Lemuria (for performing seremonis).
    Or any sympol that sympolizes Lemuria.

  2. I don’t have a clue why Pleiadians have names that start with A alls I know is most Pleiadians names start with A. In my past life I was a Pleiadian girl named Akiza and my dads name was Akatu, even in this life as a human I know some Pleiadians with the name A.

    • Very cool. My Pleiadian name is Atheria and I have a friend named A’Keara. Another friend’s name was A something (forgetting now as she didn’t go by it very long due to the uniqueness of it). I also met a gal in the Pacific Northwest with a soul name very close to Atheria.

  3. It is so weird. In my dream I was told my name is Aldina. Since I had that dream I have been searching constantly for the meaning of the name.

    • Hello fellow Pleiadian. 🙂 Although with the Arcturians who’ve shown up in my life, it makes me wonder if they aren’t the A name connection. I will say that Alora said she was Plejaren/Plejaran (another term for Pleiadian) though, very clearly.

  4. I have a friend an ancient starseed who is a healer/see’er who told me that I am of royalty on my home planet…when I see him in 2 days..he will reconnect me to them..
    They have been calling me to come home…

    • I met with my ET friends in 1996 and they showed me where I’m from during a healing session with Eric Pearl. I was hit with indescribable homesickness and became hysterical. They told me that they knew I didn’t like Earth but that I had work to do. They said they’d be with me from that moment on and when I was done they’d bring me home.

      • Yes, and that is what I figured with me…I have been having vivid memories lately of my people begging me to come home…it breaks my heart… But I know I still have work here to do…we must all stick together and collectively be as one to get thru these last days..my new Dear friend…..much love to you…

  5. My Plejaren/Pleiadian name is Ensiel although my ‘Soul-twin’ Azhuril has the A. I AM a channeler for Her – currently writing a book channeling Her, and a mysterious (like cryptic messages and hard to express in English) Cazmaril – there are non-A names such Semjase, Marbayan, Laarkmaar, Sfath, Ptaah, and the obvious, Plejara/Pleyara Herself. (J’s are I’s or Y’s in Pleiadian common tongue Sarat. That’s why the Ascended Masters called IHWH or JHWH/Jschwsch (male) and Ischcrsch (female) In Sarat, the ‘SCH’ letter is one so in Sarat the ‘JHWH’ is correct. P.S. This is where the Biblical term ‘YHWH’ (Yahweh) and be careful of some Pleiadic-Starseeds; many have been taken to Telos (beneath Mt. Shasta) and become Monarchist-collectivists like the Anunnaki threat. Be ‘I AM’ in Cosmic Oneness and Ascension follows and We can liberate Terra from the Ana’kh occupation (since 475,000 BCE) Intrigued? Check me at http://www.Saalomy.net

    • Of late, I’ve had more Arcturians than Pleiadians show up. Maybe that is the A connection. The odd thing is that although I really thought they meant MY name is Atheria, years ago while Googling myself, I found this page where someone was channeling a being named Atheria. When I read the channeling, it sounded like what I channel… the manner of speaking, terms, patterns, etc.! Maybe I’m not Atheria and just misunderstood that a guide’s name is Atheria? Hmmm…

      Mt. Shasta has been in my thoughts a lot lately. I’ve been wanting to visit.

  6. That’s really interesting! 🙂 my name is Alliera (Alley-era). That’s kinda cool how alot of people’s names start with A from Pleiades

    • Hi Stark,

      Well, are you SURE you are Pleiadian? I don’t know what to tell you. My name was spoken to me by a loud voice while meditating in 1998. I wasn’t looking for a new name. I don’t necessarily consider Atheria to be my Pleiadian name, per se. It’s my eternal soul name. All I can really suggest is that you go into meditation asking to learn your eternal name. You can do that when you go to bed at night too, and you may dream it. Another option would be to get hypnotized and regressed to a time in between lives where you can ask your guide.

      • If I have to be honest, I have no idea if I’m Pleiadian or not, but I really would love to know it. That’s why I’m asking who to do that.

      • Stark, I lucked out and was flat out told my ancestry is Pleiadian/Plajaren (spelling?) by an ET named Alora who came through a Ouija Board in 2002. Try hypnosis and get regressed. Also, I trance channeled 2 groups of beings in 2000 who said I had lived on Lemuria long ago.

      • Ok, thank you so much, I sent you a friend request on Facebook. You seem a nice person and I would love to know you a little better and that you explain to me something more about Pleiadians. Only if you want of course. 😉

    • Remember that at our source we are One, so really although there are “names,” there is also silence and that is a name that connects all of us… the energy of Love. We’re just at various stages of remembering and choosing different experiences. Whatever divisions and names we experience are just labels. Helpful but can be limiting if we forget the deeper truth of who we are. 🙂 ❤

  7. Wow, such beautiful names. I recently made a political protest by Re Immigrating back to my own country as a sovereign being! I am now Sana v’Ritzvah in the Republic of Florida recognized Officially by the US department of State in a Re naturalization Ceremony. Sana is a Hebrew name but it goes also back to Lemur.
    I was just told by ents that my girlfriend’s name was Re’Marmle in Lemuria and we knew each other and recently met as well. Lots of karma working in my life, lots of psychic breakthroughs and downloads too. Thanks everyone it’s so nice!

  8. My birth name is Adalaina. I love it…. Fits me well too. Didn’t know Pleiadians names start with A. Interesting…..

  9. Hi Atheria – LOVE your sharing here – my name Kirastar is Lemurian// I have an award winning screenplay Dreamspell (Trilogy) // one of our star brothers just channeled through from the Pleiades – a group consciousness/ gave us several names/ one was Justine who is one of the lead characters in my screenplay – he said she is wanting to come through and assist us to get it produced / so let’s call in funding!!! This series has the capability of being as big as Star Wars…. LOVE to you & all us Starseeds on Earth – Kiraaaaa…..

  10. Me too. Ah-li-ya was the name that came to me years ago.. not sure how to spell it, just how it sounds, like water flowing. And that is another name that called to me, “she who flows like water.” I’ve always been drawn to water and have to live near it, find it reassuring. I can relate 100% to homesickness. I had the same experience during a sound healing awhile ago. But I am comforted that we are all One. I hope one day Earth becomes a place where everyone remembers that. I find peace in connecting with that Love, Source. We just need to remember who we are and our presence will help others remember too. Peace 🙂 ❤

  11. I just received my Pleidean being’s name as being Azayaseth and found this article without searching for A names at all. So yes, I’d say there’s a correlation. Thanks for sparking the conversation and shedding light on this!

  12. Love the conversation. My name is Cynthia. However, six years ago adopted a pure white baby kitten. I asked her what she would like me to call her. The next morning, I woke up calling her Athena. She is very special, indeed.
    I so relate to your homesickness, Atheria. I began having crying jags when I was fourteen years old. The dialogue was always the same “I just want to go home.” Even when I was three, I remember thinking to myself “Why am I here.” Somehow, I felt different even when I was three. I am sure I am not from this planet. The horrors on Earth freak me out. I too, just want to go home. Sometimes, I feel like I am playing a waiting game.
    P.S. Currently go by the name Thia.

    • Hi Thia,

      I totally relate, sadly. Years ago while walking through Hollywood somewhere it just suddenly hit me that I’m not like these other people…that I’m a visitor. Although there are some beautiful places on this planet, I hate it here. It would help if I knew EXACTLY what this work is I’m supposed to be doing that other psychics keep reprimanding me that I’m behind in doing! I’m not going to be brought back home until I do it. :-/

      I have LOVED all my fur kids, but there is something otherworldly about Bleu and how he acts with me. It’s eerie. Another medium picked up that he was “special” not long after I adopted him. He almost acts human like in how he hugs me, etc. And there is a purity about his sometimes CLUELESS actions that tells me something.

      Being in magical Taos is the closest I’ve come to feeling at “home” on Earth. I loved hearing that Tibetan monks who visited Taos back in 1998 when I was there the first time LOVED it and said it made them feel at home too. They said Taos and Tibet are on some same ley line or something. I’ve had at least 2 lives in Tibet/Nepal.

      Although I get tired of people I meet mispronouncing or not understanding Atheria, it’s who I am. 🙂 I love meeting people who understand!

      In Light,

  13. I would not recommend using a Ouija Board at all, and you dont get past life information from this as its only for opening spirits.

  14. I’m going to try to explain this in the simplest way I can. Ever seen She-Ra? It’s not just a children’s story. Merge the concept of She-Ra with the concept of Constantine with Keanu Reeves. All dimensions, heaven, hell, eternia, etheria, all exist here. Pleiadians are angels, are artists, classified on the autistic scale, trying to communicate to the human race through the 5th dimension, through imagination to wake everyone up. You will find a M on your non-dominate palm, which stands for Master of the Universe. The reoccurring A, representing Angel, is to remind us that there are many stories/prophecies about the battle between good and evil, Armageddon, the shift to the age of Aquarius, the awakening. But we cannot agree, because all stories are created through imagination and the only one who can interpret is the original Author of the story, which unfortunately the stories we fight over the most…religion…the original Authors are dead/went back to Pleiades. We are the light workers, the healers, here to evolve the human race, ascension, to wake up the walking dead. There’s not much time left. We must assemble. Listen to the American Beauty/American Psycho album by Fall Out Boy. They wrote a whole CD just for me. So I could paint the mural as a back drop for the greatest culmination of my artwork and analyze the Universe, so that I can explain to my people the complexities of what we are, our purpose, and how to find the others.

    To truly understand, go study my work:

  15. I am trying to understand a mediation that I am having that begun a few days before the end of last year. I was approached by tall, slender beings a light blue and long flowing robes. There is one female that came to me last night and she was very light blue with white gold/rose gold hair and ice blue eyes. I am new to all things Pleidian,, Arcturian etc. I am an Earth being, of this planet that I love so much. She suggested I might be half and half (or, at least that is what I think she was trying to get across) I have spiritual connections to the Tuatha so I am really confused on why they would be interested in me? Any insight would be gratefully welcomed if shared. Thank you!

    • I have never heard of the Tuatha race and had to look them up. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tuatha_D%C3%A9_Danann It looks like, to me, that they ARE extraterrestrial beings. We are all drawn to things for a reason. I’m guessing that you are drawn to them because your soul knows you are of them. I have at least 2 past lives in Tibet/Nepal, but before I knew that consciously…I had been drawn to Tibetan Buddhism. 🙂 In any case, your visit sounds cool!

  16. But I don’t feel like I am anywhere but from this planet. I wonder if this is because I wasn’t born out in the Universe but here on Earth and that has become my beloved home. I have no memories of another planet because I had never been there! My psychic abilities are very limited so I am unable to see or hear clearly. How do I know which race this being that has come to me is from? I am seeing blue skin, gold hair etc associated with Pleidian, Acrturian and Andromedan! Thank you for the response!

    • Hi Heather. This is just a gut feeling…but I’m suspecting Arcturian to a degree….but not totally, almost like they are a hybrid themselves. You are most likely from here IN THIS LIFE….but….your soul….well, that could be from anywhere. I was born on Earth, but my soul’s history is complex. I lived on the lost continent of Lemuria, for example. How about you simply ask them who they are and where they’re from next time? 🙂

  17. I have tried but there is no clarity in the answer. It is almost like the main female that speaks to me could be mix of several others. Did they ever interbreed? The Pleidians, Acrturians and Andromedans? Or maybe she was once human and one of the others. Maybe one day I will find out!

  18. Hello Atheria
    Synchronistically found your post. Thank you! My soul name is Ashterra. I’ve had many contacts with my fractal family over the years. Whether they be through hypnotic regression, meditation, astral travel, and those who have incarnated on Earth during this change point.
    Travel well and true ❤

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