Black jaguars, other dimensions, spirit dogs, and numbers…

Black Jaguar Smaller
This is a hodgepodge of a post tonight. Some cool things are going on and some weird things are going on. Days ago, I was sitting in my office using my computer in the morning when I looked out the window and saw this seemingly lost chihuahua walk up my driveway and head toward my front door. It was really cold outside, so I ran outside (within seconds) to try to get the little guy and he was GONE. I mean VANISHED. I looked in every direction and there was no sign of him anywhere (incuding around the sides of my house). I tried to rationalize it away, but really, I got outside in SECONDS. A dog could not have run that far in that short amount of time. Now I’m questioning if I saw a living dog or a spirit.

Then, I was standing in my bathroom getting ready in the morning and looked toward the laundry “room” (it’s like a big closet) and noticed the accordian doors opened. I always keep them shut. I looked back at the mirror to do something with my makeup and looked back toward the laundry room and the door was closed like normal. Now, in that case, I KNOW I clearly saw the door open one minute and closed the next without a sound. And these are accordian doors, so they don’t just swing open easily. Am I starting to see into other dimensions or something? Parallel worlds? My friend in Oregon is having similar weird things happen.

Then there is the whole numbers thing. I’m still getting lots of 333s, 444s, and 555s. When I was in traffic tonight behind a car with a 555 in its license plate I just had to laugh and say out loud, “Well, I hope that whatever life changing event is about to happen that it had better hurry up and it had better be GOOD!”

The final thing I want to mention is pictured above. Many years ago during a guided meditation to meet my spirit guide, I not only saw a woman standing in flowing clothing at the edge of a cliff, but she had a black jaguar next to her. I have actually had other types of exotic cats’ faces show up in pictures of me before and one healer told me after finishing working on me that 3 mountain lions/cougars were in the back of the room the whole time like they were standing guard. Anyway, I am reading a good Sylvia Browne book called ALL PETS GO TO HEAVEN and when I got to the section about animal totems, my black jaguar popped into my head so strongly I thought about him/her for a long time. About an hour or so later, I open an email from a friend that had lovely pictures of animals in it, and the very first picture was 2 black panthers/jaguars! I laughed again and knew it was just my spirit animal’s way of confirming he or she is indeed my totem/spirit animal. And, although I love ALL animals and grew up with some wonderful dogs and goats and other beings, I have a special place in my heart for cats and have for years.

Happy 2013!


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