First 444s and 1111s…and now 333s!

Ever since I read the true story “The Messengers” about Nick Bunick and how angels let him know they were around by having him see 444s everywhere, I’ve been seeing 444s on a regular basis. From what I know, that is extremely common after people read the book. Then I began to get 1111s, which, as many New Age people know means awesomeness! (Don’t you like my thorough description?) The most amazing 1111 I got happened years ago while I was attempting to close out an eTrade account. Somehow I miscalculated how much money to transfer out of eTrade to close it, and I would have overdrawn the account (causing a whole host of problems)…except that an unexpected dividend hit my account the exact same day in the amount of $11.11…which was enough to cover my withdrawal check! That dividend saved me and I had no idea it was coming. πŸ™‚

In a book I recently read by a known psychic, she said that if a “coincidence” happens 3 times…then you REALLY need to pay attention to the message. Well, earlier today, I got 2 separate and random 333s. After the second one, I got excited, especially when I looked up the number 333 and found out that it means that Ascended Masters are guiding, protecting, and surrounding you. Very cool! But, being who I am (a doubter), I said as I drove to go sing Christmas songs at The River of Lights tonight, “If there are REALLY Ascended Masters watching over me right now, then please show me another 333 today.” Well, on the drive home, I just “happened” to look down at my car’s average mpg gauge as it registered exactly 33.3 mpg! I got my third 333 of the day! Whoo Hoo!

I have to admit, I’m getting pretty excited about December 21st. Things are already getting very interesting and it’s still almost 2 weeks away. I just keep having what the channeled beings said to me back in 2000 play through my head: “Your true work will become important in 12 years.” For months and months I’ve been walking around saying, “Where is my true work?!” Leave it to them to wait until the LAST minute of 2012. πŸ™‚ I’m curious as all get-out about what my true work is. I’ve been a trance channel since that first accidental channeling while under hypnosis in 2000 but haven’t really done much since I left Los Angeles in April 2008 where I was in a group of channelers who met weekly to practice. My guides don’t really let me go into full trance when I’m alone and I’ve had no way to practice. I can do partial trance writing alone, but that’s it. Anyway, I’m not sure that trance channeling/mediumship IS my true work. I hope to find out soon.

UPDATE: OMG! I am freaking out! After I submitted this blog, I went into Facebook and looked up Nick Bunick to “like” his page. When I got to his Facebook page, there had already been exactly 333 “likes”! Mine was number 334. I got my 4th 333 of the day!

Atheria / Carrie


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