It’s so nice to be protected by my grandpa…

Grandma Grandpa 1-16-91


Although my car, Bob, has started fine since the day I got him in August 2007, the past few weeks “check Bob’s battery” has been popping into my head.  I kept meaning to do something about it, but would forget.  I had to take him to a Scion dealer today because of a recall for the switch that controls the driver’s power window.  Well, when the mechanic went to move my car, it struggled to start.  The guy checked the battery, and sure enough, it was going bad.  There is NO question my grandfather, who was a mechanic, and who once warned me from the Other Side about my other car’s bad brakes, stepped in to save me today from being stranded.  I know he was the one trying to warn me, and I know he made Bob’s battery act up “coincidentally” while at a dealership.  I am acting in a film this afternoon, and the filming location is very remote.  I could have gotten stranded out in the middle of nowhere!  Thank you for watching over me, grandpa!

In other news, I am starting to have more and more psychic “flashes”…little things that just make me smile.  I managed to even convince one of the mechanics today that I’m psychic because I “heard” him calling for me before he actually called for me.  I had gotten up to go to his area because i could have sworn I heard him call for me over the loudspeaker…but…nope…he was just about to call for me. 🙂

In Light,

Carrie / Atheria


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