First knocking…and now the door is blown open!

Things are really getting “interesting” around my house. First I had the “knock, knock” attention seeking spirit who turned out to be my Uncle Chuckie recently, and now in the wee hours of this morning I had another cool thing happen. I was in that half awake, half asleep state where people are more psychically receptive when all of a sudden I saw this Middle Ages looking huge, wooden, rustic door with sturdy locks and metal supports. Almost immediately, it was rammed with tremendous force from the backside and opened up. As it was busted open, I “knew” that some door within me had just been opened. Now I’m curious as to what the door represented. I walked around all day expecting something amazing to happen, like suddenly my clairvoyance was blooming or something…but…nada. But, I have no doubt that something changed for me today. I just need to wait it out and see what surprise is in store.

I have to admit as I hear some of my New Age friends talk about all the changes they are experiencing lately due to the increasing vibratory rate on the planet, I’ve felt jealous like “I don’t feel anything!” But, I think I am indeed experiencing the increase in planetary vibration. I am soooo crossing my fingers that my life becomes amazing on December 21st….the end of the Mayan Calendar and alignment of Earth with the center of the galaxy.

The saga continues…
Carrie / Atheria


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