Grandpa Slovik and now my Uncle Chuckie are guides for me!

I am so freaking excited right now!  The online Spiritualist Church that I attend on Monday nights just ended and I was given a blessing of a message from another medium named Teresa.  She started off the message by saying that someone has been desperately trying to get my attention by RINGING DOOR BELLS and KNOCKING.  I gasped with recognition.  I don’t know why I get surprised by this stuff since I talk to “dead people” myself, but when someone else confirms things, it just affects me more.  Months ago, in the span of a week or two, I heard both door bell ringing (to the point where I got up to answer the door at 1 a.m. with my gun…and of course, no one was there) and knocking from the Other Side.

Shortly after Bodhi died in late September, a nightlight started going on and off rapidly but when I went to check it…it stopped and stayed on.  I thought it was perhaps Bodhi trying to get my attention, but now I’m not so sure.  Teresa said that besides ringing door bells and knocking, this person also was making my lights flash….that my whole house was a hub of spiritual energy right now.  If you read my post/comments about trying to learn to astral travel, you’ll see that 2-3 days ago I heard KNOCK KNOCK again clairaudiently.  Teresa then said that this person in spirit felt like an uncle to me, but not much older than me relatively speaking for an uncle.  She said she felt a pain in her head, like that is how he died.  Well, my Uncle Chuckie died in his early 20s in 1976 (or 77) due to severe head injuries from a bad car accident.  She also said that he wants to be a guide for me like his father, my Grandpa Slovik, is now.

I had totally forgotten that a medium in California named Fariba back in 2005 told me that Grandpa Slovik and Chuckie came through together…father and son…to give me messages.  It seems they’ve been hanging around each other in spirit for a while.  That makes me very happy.  When he was in the physical, Chuckie had some drug problems.  Teresa said that he said “I’ve gone to rehab on the Other Side.”  He now wants to help guide others and use what he went through to help.

This makes me feel so much better, you have no idea.  Just when I’m feeling very alone…I am reminded that I am never alone.


Atheria / Carrie


7 thoughts on “Grandpa Slovik and now my Uncle Chuckie are guides for me!

  1. I am extra excited today. I was bored at work and asked Chuck to give me some kind of symbol so that I know it’s him (like Grandpa Slovik did). I suddenly “saw” a dirt bike clairvoyantly. I called mom to ask if her brother, Chuck, rode a dirt bike type motorcycle because I couldn’t remember. She said that yes he did, and that Grandpa Slovik had gotten him one to ride around the farm when he was young. Love it! I’m feeling more and more connected. I feel like I’m opening up to a lot all of a sudden. I can’t wait what tomorrow brings. 🙂

  2. Also, a week or two ago I got this urge to do a motor boat’s engine sound with my lips on Bleu’s (my new kitty) tummy. I’ve done it a few times for some strange reason (ha ha) and have never had the urge to do that to my cats before. Anyway, it dawned on me today that Chuck used to do that to my sister’s and my bare tummies when we were kids. I have a feeling Chuck was influencing me from the Other Side and I just didn’t realize it.

  3. Keep bloggin…I enjoy your experiences. Where do you think these experiences will lead you? How do you think they will help others? How can you pay attention to these experiences more?

    • Thank you very much. I have no idea where I’m being led, but I can’t help but feel something is being planned. I can’t get it out of my head that in 2000 I was told not only that I had lived on Lemuria (which I’d never heard of at the time) but that “in 12 years your true work will become important”. Grandpa, Chuck, and everyone else up there need to hurry! 🙂 The 12 years is almost up!

      All I can think of is that through documenting my experiences, I’ll help others open their minds to what is possible. I do hope to get people to understand 100% that we are eternal beings…that we live on long after we shed our bodies/clothes.

      I am TRYING to pay attention more. I have a terrible tendency to dismiss stuff. It’s hard because true spiritual guidance is usually a soft voice that is easy to miss (so to speak). I’m sometimes dense and need spirit to YELL!

  4. my dad dead of cancer 6 years ago.we all missed him so much.even his extended family also missed him so much.A friend of his in his working place that losted his dad told us that he went to a spiritualist when he wanted to commuicate with his late dad and after 4 days he finally spoke with his dad.and it went perferctely okay.he introduced me to him and he equally did the same to me.which means i also spoke and communicate with him and i really enjoyed talking to him after a very lomg time.I will like to share his email address on this site just in case you may need his help

    • I am a psychic medium and used to go to a Spiritualist Church in the Los Angeles area when I lived there. I am glad you were able to communicate with your loved ones. We are truly never really gone.

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