Knock. Knock. Who’s there?

So far my attempts at “at will” astral projection have not worked (that I can remember anyway). I will blame my cats for some failed attempts. 🙂 I have learned that you cannot sleep with 3 furry bodies that move around and hug your head when you are trying to leave your body.

I have had some interesting things happen, though, which lead me to believe I’m moving in the right direction. The first thing I had happen was as I was doing the exercises/steps required to attempt to project, I had a sudden vision of a past life I’ve never seen before. It was yet ANOTHER life where I was killed by my neck! In this life, I’ve lived with 24 hour a day pain (constant headache) and nerve damage to my face from severe whiplash 17 years ago. As so many doctors of all sorts and healers have failed me, I have realized that my deaths by neck are playing a strong role in the current injury. I’ve tried to release the lives through past life regression to no avail. For one thing, new lives keep showing up! Argh. This vision I had earlier this week was me as a man in his late 40s or so…as I got my throat slit. Blech! I’ve also been hung, strangled, beheaded, had a spear hit my neck, etc. My history is pretty darn ugly.

The next thing I had happen was a very vivid/clear dream about a friend and her famous father. I felt inclined to warn her about a possible health issue that the dream alluded to that ran in the females in her family. When I emailed her the story, she replied back that yes, that particular health issue DID exist in both of her grandmothers so she is going to get checked. Besides that message dream, I had a dream last night that was also more vivid/clear than ususal. I’m convinced my astral projection steps are triggering these dreams.

Finally, and I’ve had this happen before, but not in quite a while, is that in the middle of the night last night I heard a distinct “knock, knock”. I would have gotten up to check my front door if not for the fact other-worldly ringing doorbells and knocks have happened before. I knew it was someone in spirit trying to get my attention. If I wasn’t so groggy when it happened, I would have said, “Who’s there?”

I am looking forward to what will happen tonight. This is getting interesting.

Carrie / Atheria


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