Shapeshifting and Astral Projection

My spirit animal is a gorgeous black jaguar that I saw in a vision years ago.  I have also had exotic cats’ faces show up in photographs of me, and in September 2007 when a healer was working on me in Albuquerque, she “saw” 3 mountain lions/cougars sitting guard at the back of the room.  As fate would have it, a week or 2 later, Chakra…my 3rd cat…showed up in my Los Angeles driveway as a kitten with a severely broken leg.  I still think the 3 cougars were a premonition of sorts.  Although I love ALL animals (and grew up with some wonderful dogs), I am inherently a cat person I have come to realize.  I have a spiritual connection to cats…also horses and dolphins.  There truly is something mystical about cats.  They seem to see into other worlds.  When Bodhi visited in spirit, it was Karma and Chakra who saw him way before I could feel him (and I’ve yet to see him).

As I’m tired of feeling like a victim of my life, I’ve decided to start taking more control.  So I am ferociously reading books not only on psychic development (yes, I’m already a psychic medium but feel rusty and need to develop more), but also on shapeshifting and astral projection.  I am determined to learn how to do regular astral projection at will, and am fascinated by the idea of being able to shapeshift into a cat for another form of etheric/astral travel.  Years ago I had read about astral projection and was doing these exercises every night to try to trigger it before bed, but nothing was happening.  Being impatient like I am, I gave up after 2 weeks or so.  Well, a few days later as I was dropping off to sleep, I suddenly felt myself sinking through my mattress toward the floor.  I totally panicked because I thought I was dying and the moment I felt fear…BOOM!  I was slammed back into my body.  I later found out that sometimes as you are leaving your body for astral travel you feel a sinking sensation, not necessarily rising sensation.  I was so pissed!  I had no idea.  My own fear stopped the experience that I wanted to have!  GRRRRR….Oh well, live and learn as they say.  :-/

Now, I think that if I can gain the ability to astral project and possibly shapeshift AT WILL, I will be able to affect my life’s outcome more.  Maybe I’m dreaming, I don’t know, but at the very least it will prove to be fascinating and a great learning experience.  I would love to know things that other people don’t know.  🙂

In light,

Atheria / Carrie


6 thoughts on “Shapeshifting and Astral Projection

  1. From my experience with astral projection and the input I have received through the other side, you will not affect your life’s outcome as much as you will be able to achieve your destiny in a more complete manner. As you share the experiences you gain in your projections, they will be of great benefit to others. Enjoy your trips!

  2. My first try at astral travel last night didn’t work (was too distracted due to Karma being so sick) in terms of me leaving my body, but I did have a flash of a past life I’ve not seen before. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the scene I saw was me as a male about late 40s or so…..getting my throat slit. Yet ANOTHER death by neck!! No wonder I have not been able to get out of pain!

  3. I’ve been SO tired lately, that I fall asleep during my astral projection preparations. But, I did have a very vivid/clear dream about a friend last night and a possible health issue…so I warned her. At least the exercises I’m doing ARE triggering things to happen.

  4. I have been astral travelling, I have a good meditation technique that prepares me for safe trips. I am First Nations, and I went through the shapeshifting initiation recently. Today I practiced shifting into my totem the crow. It wasn’t as successful as I wanted to be, but I am guessing this stuff takes time. Do you have any other knowledge of this? I am trying to find more advice on the web on how I can change form. Below are 2 sites showing my progress, if you are interested.

    • Hi there! I really don’t have a lot of info on shapeshifting. I still need to master “at will’ astral projection! LOL! I checked out your blog and it’s interesting that at one point in the “dream” you were in a house. I’ve noticed that if I’m in a house (and usually it looks like an older house) or any type of building, I’m definitely in the astral and not just having a regular dream.

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