Channeled Message – Nov. 4, 2012

The Light = God

We are here from the 5th generation of the 5th dimension. We come from the star cluster you call the Pleiades. We are the children of the Light. From whence we came, so do you. As all is from the Light. Some term the Light God, but then put limitations on it. They impose human attributes like love, hate, and revenge…when they couldn’t be further from the truth as to what the Light is. It has no emotions other than pure love. But even love is not quite the right word as it’s beyond what we can express in human language. It is not the type of love that you encounter here on Earth as sometimes the love you experience has conditions. This love has no conditions and no ulterior motives. It is nonjudgmental and free flowing. When you learn to tap into the Light that is within you, you too can be capable of pure love…and healing. There is great power to heal within the Light, both emotionally and physically. Of course, physical ailments stem from emotional issues. Your Louise Hay was ahead of her time decades ago but now more people are realizing the truth of her words. “Thoughts are things” is a phrase uttered by some teachers on your planet, and that statement is not more true than when talking about physical disease. The difficulty lies in the fact that even unconscious thoughts affect the body’s equilibrium and health. It takes a lot of effort and work to train not only the conscious mind to heal the body, but also the unconscious mind. This is where hypnosis is beneficial. By delving into the inner sanctum of the recesses of the mind, you can find the seeds of disease. Instead of watering the seeds, you may choose to snatch them up and throw them away. All healing takes place within the soul. The only time healing “fails”…and we hate that word…when someone tries to heal him or herself in the manner we are talking about is when it is there time to cross over to the Other Side. When it is your time, it is your time, and that cannot be changed. What people need to understand is that just because someone’s physical body “dies” it does not mean healing work was unsuccessful. For the spirit may have been healed of certain damage so it is ready for its next lessons in another incarnation. We know that is hard for you to accept, but it is the truth. And the truth shall set you free. With this, we bid you peace. Until we meet again…


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