Ghost Radar and the best birthday present ever!

My birthday was on the 20th and in the morning, Karma kept getting into the bathtub again and crying. Keep in mind that she never did that until after Bodhi died…but he used to do it all the time. I’m kind of getting suspicious that not only is she seeing him in spirit, but that he is influencing her behavior, almost like he’s taking her over. Anyway, the day before I had downloaded the app “Ghost Radar” onto my new Android phone. I ran to get my phone and turned on GR to see if it would pick up anything in the bathroom. Sure enough, GR started signalling that there were 1-3 spirits in the room at various distances. I say 1-3 because it would vary. I saw green and red dots on the phone’s screen (red means the spirit is closer than green). Now, a skeptic could say, “Well, that doesn’t prove anything” but then it got a bit more awesome. The GR software then started typing out and verbalizing words. Some of the words I couldn’t figure out the meaning behind, but the second word that came out was PROTECTION. That made sense to me! Also, the word MALE. Out loud I mentioned that it was my birthday, and all of sudden GR said GIFT and I was elated! Then, I clearly felt warmth hit my right lower leg/ankle and the word BREATHING popped up on the phone. By then I was totally excited! I have been wanting to feel Bodhi since his September 25th passing but hadn’t yet. But this time I felt him with no questions. Other words like BIRDS came up on the phone and Bodhi, being a cat, used to like to watch birds. Sure, all this can be dismissed, but I truly feel that Bodhi came to visit me on my birthday to reassure me that he’s okay on the Other Side. It was the best birthday present I could have gotten.

In light,

4 thoughts on “Ghost Radar and the best birthday present ever!

  1. Does the ghost radar app actually work? I have ghost radar classic but it just seems like a digital 8 ball. Is it random chancery or does this app contain a power to pick things up?

    • Although Ghost Radar is considered to be a game, spirits can use electronics to get through to us. I heard of this woman who got a warning about her elderly father from GR. When she went to check on him…sure enough, he was in trouble like the GR had said. Anything is possible.

      • Yea, I have actually had some really interesting readings that seemed beyond mere coincidence. Most of my experience with “the other side” has been through etheric and astral plane experiments in sleep state. There is a lof of “backdoor” tech on iPhones that pick/transmit up a LOT of info so it is possible. I thought it was interesting to hear that someone like your self that has seen and experieced many ghost/spirit phenom do a post on this ghost radar app. Do you have any more recent interesting readings of your own?

  2. I took part in a casual ghost investigation Friday night. Check out my post from yesterday. Ghost Radar did pick up applicable words, although some seemed random. It got more than one “concerning” word.

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