Can you hear me now?

In the middle of the night, I was startled by an unexpected clear, LOUD, male voice that said something to me.  I remember thinking to myself that what he said seemed kind of odd and random.  By the time I woke up hours later I had completely forgotten what the voice said!  Argh!  Why didn’t I write it down?!  My clairaudience is my strongest skill, but I’ve not had actual external voices happen in many years.  In the span of 2-3 weeks years ago, as I was in that receptive half awake/half asleep state in the wee hours of the morning I first heard a man’s voice say to me, “Can I hug you?” and then weeks later a little boy say, “Hi beautiful.”  I wonder if with hearing Bodhi’s little spirit meow has triggered something?  I hope so.  I feel the need to get more in touch with the Other Side.  I’ve let the material world take over too much.

In Light,



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