Chakra and Karma have seen Bodhi in spirit.

Besides the sighting of Bodhi that Chakra clearly had on Friday night (the 28th…see my previous blog), this morning Karma saw Bodhi in the bathtub.  Bodhi used to get into the bathtub and start whining until I’d come and turn the water faucet on so he could drink off his paw from the running water.  Here is a video I have of him doing just that on September 6th…one of the last videos I have of my baby boy. – Neither Chakra nor Karma ever had an interest in the bathtub faucet…until today.

Karma has been acting VERY depressed and I’ve been worrying about her.  When I walked past the bathroom this morning, she was lying on the tile head toward the bathtub/toilet, rather limp.  When I walked past a little while later, she was sitting straight up facing the bathtub/toilet.  I started to get a funny feeling she was seeing something.  A little while later I was in the kitchen and Karma suddenly started howling like she was really upset.  I ran to the bathroom to find her inside the tub at the faucet looking like she wanted me to turn it on.  I just KNOW she had seen Bodhi in spirit doing his normal tub routine!  I turned the water on a bit and she kind of didn’t know what to do with the water and just looked at it trying to figure stuff out.  A little while later she starts howling again, so I went back into the bathroom and she was back inside the tub (she’d gotten out after she couldn’t figure out the water deal) just looking at me.  That is when I snapped the attached picture.

Karma after she saw Bodhi’s spirit in the tub on 9-30-2012.

Now you have to understand that Karma NEVER in her 14 years has done this.  Bodhi is the only cat that loved the tub.  I am 100% sure that she saw her brother, who she dearly misses, in the tub and wanted to be with him.  So now that Chakra and Karma have been able to see Bodhi in spirit, I want to see him too.  I keep asking him to come to me.  But, maybe this is all he can do right now.  It does make me feel a little better knowing he’s around the house in spirit.  I hope he continues to let us know he’s okay.




One thought on “Chakra and Karma have seen Bodhi in spirit.

  1. I picked up Bodhi’s ashes today and have them on my mantel in the den. While attempting to start a painting in the den tonight, I heard what sounded exactly like Bodhi’s mini meow he’d often do. If you watch the video linked above, as he walks off into the darkness he does one of his mini meows. I know I heard him tonight clairaudiently. He’s trying hard to come through and give me signs, and I oh so appreciate it. Last night the nightlight in the hallway was flashing on and off. I had a feeling that was him signaling me. Before I could get to it to check it, it stopped flickering and stayed on. When I checked the bulb, it wasn’t loose. Spirits often use electrical things to signal us because it’s actually easier for them to affect electricity. And, the nightlight is at Bodhi’s level if he’s standing on the floor. But then again, do spirits really use floors?

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