Dennis Hopper is alive and well on the Other Side.

I visited Dennis Hopper’s grave again on Aug. 25, 2012 in Ranchos de Taos, NM.  The night before, knowing that I was going up to Taos for the weekend, I opted to watch “Easy Rider” to try to tune into Dennis’ energy and to hopefully get his attention from the Other Side.  Well, it worked.  Before I even left Albuquerque’s city limits, I felt Dennis and started picking up messages from him for his good friend, Jack Nicholson.  Although I really wish I had been able to meet Dennis when in the physical, I am grateful he chose to come through to me so I can pass along some messages.  The first video is geared toward Jack, but the second video contains a message about life for all of us.  There is some text commentary beneath both videos as I didn’t get all details on camera.  Dennis’ humor is still in tact, although he gets serious at the end.

In Light,



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