When spirit tells you that you need a massage, get a massage!

Today’s deal from Amazon’s version of Groupon here in Albuquerque was an hour long massage (choice of 3 types including deep tissue, which is what I need) for $29.  When I got the email, I felt I should buy an hour for that price, but I have a major issue with spending money on anything that seems like “pampering”.  Now, for a little background, I have had a headache 24 hours a day since October 1, 1995 due to neck trauma that doctors and healers have not been able to remedy.  (I’ve been killed by my neck in numerous past lives, which complicates matters.)  So, getting a NEEDED massage isn’t really pampering, but I’m demented that way.

During tonight’s Spiritualist Church via my friend’s website, another participant in the session started picking up that someone taking part in the online service had a major headache.  I acknowledged that the headache sufferer was me, and that the pain was bad tonight due to a storm front passing through Albuquerque.  At that point she told me that I really needed to get deep tissue massage work done and that it would help my muscles to let go of the nerves they are crushing.  So, I just went and purchased the $29 massage deal.

I’m telling this story to give an example of how spirit sometimes nudges us really quietly to do things we need to do.  When I saw the massage email this a.m. something in me said “get it” but my logical mind pushed it away as “spending money I shouldn’t spend on pampering”.  It took spirit being more blatant via Teresa to get through my thick and hurting skull.

Listen to the subtle nudges……that is the lesson from today.  Years ago I got this urge to go to the beach out of the blue (when I lived in Los Angeles I rarely went to the beach) but poo-pooed it.  Then, at The Spiritualist Chapel of the Flowers the next day in Van Nuys, a medium on the podium looked at me and said that I needed water…that spirit was telling her I needed to go to the ocean.  Of course, there’s also the time I started craving cigars so bad I went and got some and puffed (and coughed) away and had such an out-of-the-blue desire to go blonde I went and bleached (and damaged) my hair really blonde…only to find out from a medium that George Burns and Jean Harlow were with me in spirit that week. 🙂

Enough of my rambling.  I need to go to bed and dream of my upcoming massage.


Atheria / Carrie (still struggling with the name thing)


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