Flashes, and I don’t mean hot flashes.

Okay, something is CLEARLY going on in the ethers.  Besides my ET friends pulling my consciousness out through my 3rd eye randomly again, I’m suddenly having more and more psychic flashes.  It’s mostly been little stuff like having “gluten free” pop into my head at the Growers Market yesterday and then turning to my right to see that I was standing next to a gluten free bakery’s food stand and having “3 texts” pop into my head this a.m. before looking at my cell and seeing I had 3 text messages.  But, while doing the dishes Thursday night, a friend popped into my head with the thought that he not only had a past life in Siena/Sienna, Italy (he adores that town in this life and is very drawn to it) but I was also in that past life with him hundreds of years ago and that is why although I hated Rome in 1995 when I visited, I did like Florence a lot.  In case you don’t know, Florence is pretty close to Siena.  When this thought came into my head out-of-the-blue, I was hit with a knowing and a sudden rush of tingling throughout my body.

I may try having a psychic day today and see what happens.  I learned that trick from a psychic author years ago…either Sonia Coquette or Laura Day (I think).  You tell yourself in the morning, “I am going to be psychic today” and then go about your day and see what happens.  The last time I tried this, some major psychic flashes happened.  It’s kind of like a fun game. 🙂


Carrie / Atheria


2 thoughts on “Flashes, and I don’t mean hot flashes.

  1. Something interesting did indeed happen today. I got this urge to take a walk in the bosque and decided to risk it and hope that the Corrales entrance I normally use was open (due to fire restrictions). I had just gotten there and seen a closed sign when this man came jogging toward me with a wet dog. Something prompted me to yell out to him, “Are you a bosque closure expert?” Instead of replying yes or no, he said, “Do you have a cell phone?!” I could tell something was wrong and said yes and grabbed it. Turned out, he had jogged quite a distance with his dog to the bosque and when she got into the water chasing after something or whatever, she got a big fish hook with line stuck through her tongue. It was totally through her tongue. We tried calling his wife and his home number and his own cell, but no answer. So I drove him and the suffering dog back to his house so he could get his car and take her to the emergency vet. When I pulled into his driveway, I noticed his house number was 1111 and commented that 1111’s are very spiritual and powerful numbers. I am very open with my metaphysical-ness and just have the attiudue that if someone can’t handle it, that’s their problem. Well, it turned out that he did speak my language and we started talking about numbers and 2012 and channeling and such. It was nice to meet another like-minded person. 🙂 I feel strongly that I was sent to that bosque entrance to help him and his dog. I hope she is going to be okay.

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