Pulling my consciousness out through my forehead!

This post is meant for my ET friends “out there” who think it’s appropriate to pull my consciousness out through my forehead WHILE I’M DRIVING!  Would you freaking stop it?!  I am very open and desirous of communicating with you, but not while I’m driving!  It was bad enough when it used to happen in Los Angeles occasionally (where traffic was mostly stop and stop and not even stop and go)…but now it’s happening in Albuquerque when I’m actually moving at a decent rate of speed.  Unless you want me to drive off Paseo Del Norte into the Rio Grande, I would like it if you would communicate with me when I’m home please…or at least when I’m not in control of a 3,605 lbs. automobile.

I’m hoping extraterrestrials read blogs since I’ve not been able to get anyone to respond to my verbal yells. :-p

One more thing, show yourselves please.  I need to know who I’m “talking” to.  If I scream, ignore me.  I’m just a lowly human who has been known to panic.

Thank you,

Carrie / Atheria

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