Channeled Session 7-14-2012

Divine one, you are the essence of the All-That-Is.  We cannot stress enough the power each of you has to not only create, but to shape and mold that which already is.  The world that you know is but a lump of clay for you to play with and mold into whatever beautiful piece of art you would like to envision.  En-vision…we would prefer IN-vision for the vision within is that which you use to create with.  It is the inner vision, your 3rd eye…if you will…that not only sees all, but creates all.  For what you can see inside your mind, between your brows, lays the framework…the electrical grid…for what becomes physical.  Now, we use the term “physical” loosely here since nothing is totally physical.  Everything is quite simply vibration.  It’s just that certain things vibrate at such a slow speed that to your physical eyes, they are physical items.  Of course, your non-physical eyes see them as they truly are…light and energy.  A simple exercise we would suggest to you is to close your eyes and picture in your mind’s eye some food you truly love.  Let’s say you love chocolate cake.  Picture a slice of chocolate cake in your forehead area.  But not only visualize it, also smell it, note the texture of it, and taste it in your imagination.  Pretty soon, your saliva will start running and your physical body will respond.  You may end up needing to run out to a store to buy a chocolate cake as your craving will be strong.  Just as your mind is able to affect your body in that way, you can also affect everything around you for everything is connected.  Everything is filled with the same light of God…the same source.  Everything breathes light and pulses with life force, even the walls and chairs.  As you can picture, so too you can create change.  With this, we bid you adieu.  Rest in peace is not only for the dearly departed.  It is also for the living.  Rest in peace knowing that you are connected to the vibration of the universe which is God.


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